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~[After Royal Rumble]~

Benji Moore

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The camera fades into the backstage in OCW's Trainer's room where we see Benjamin Moore after his humiliating flip over the top ropes by Bray during the Royal Rumble Match just moments ago. Defeated so easily within the ring by a simple toss over the ropes you could see the frustration that sat upon his face


"Dat blood clot Damian Bourne...If mi didn't have dis stupid rasclat injury mi wouldn't of gone out so easily..."


Getting up from the examiner's table and making his way towards the camera he would start to send out a message to all that watched


"OCW Yu a bait up di ting! Dat fish Bray is finna regreat him taking me out in such of a way! Mi loud up di ting when em come to Bray, Yu done know?!"


The Brooklyn New York Jamaican accent was completely out and there was no stopping it. Normally Benjamin can turn his accent off to a certain degree but when he's heated it's full on Jamaican


"Memba mi tell yu. Mi di Kwenga..Di Star boy, and mi a forward for you Bray."


Now grabbing his fur coat and slinging it over his shoulder Benjamin would exit the trainer's room as the camera then fades to black

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1. Bait up - Set someone up for a downfall/ Cause disappointment or embarrassment


2. Fish - Male homosexual


3. Mi loud up di ting - Expose someone's business


4. Yu done know - You understand


5. Memba mi tell yu - Listen up or take note


6. Kwenga - Star boy, someone full of style


7. Mi a forward - I'm coming

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