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The Stardust crusader Part II

Lotus FloJo

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The scene opens up with Lotus FloJo being a guest on a local radio talk show. A song just ended and the radio talk show host begins to interview her as the instrumental version of Poison by Biv bell devoe plays in the background.


DJ N&S: Yo, yo, yo. It’s your boy DJ Nice & Smooth on Foxy 107/104


DJ N&S: Joining me in the booth today is North Carolina’s own OCW superstar: Lotus FloJo!


FloJo: Hi. Glad to be here.


DJ N&S: Now that you’re no longer rookie, despite having a rough start ,w hat are you gonna do differently now that you’re a full time Wrestler?


FloJo: I don’t know, guess you’ll have to wait and see.


FloJo: However, I have been spending time in the performance center.


DJ N&S: Oooooo. Word?


FloJo: I’ve working on a new finisher: The Stardust breaker.


DJ N&S: May I ask what that is…?


FloJo: Sure. It’s an elbow drop where I fling my legs up in the air, crashing onto my opponent's chest.


DJ N&S: Dayum baby, that shit sounds funky and painful.


The pair begins to laugh


DJ N&S: Before we end this segment , I have one last question: What goals are you looking to accomplish this upcoming season?


FloJo: Well, I wanna face Aerith and Dragana again.


DJ N&S: Really? Now isn’t Dragana the champ?


FloJo: Yes. But I don’t care about the belt so much as fighting those two.


DJ N&S:...Sounds like someone has a death wish.


FloJo: Maybe.


DJ N&S: Alright ladies and gentlemen, that was Lotus FloJo. Thanks for stopping by and good luck this season.


Scene ends with the next song that plays on the radio.

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