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Beachside Apartment Chat

Justin Jehst

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The scene opens in a luxurious yet minimalist beachside apartment living room. The sun shines through the open glass door that leads to the balcony, and the sound of waves can be heard crashing in the distance. Justin Jehst sits, reclining in a black leather sofa, his injured leg resting on a pillow on top of the glass coffee table in front of him. He is in a pair of red and gold board shorts and a white, close fitting t-shirt. With a mimosa in one hand, he grabs the remote for the television with the other and turns it on.


Appearing on screen is the last moments of an advertisement for some sort of exterminator product.


Ad Voice Over: “Ants? Mice? Cockroaches? HAVE NO FEAR!! With our new “ATOMIC KILL BLASTER” you can rid your den of any unwanted guests!”


A cheap looking explosion overlay with accompanying sound effect play across the screen.


Ad Voice Over: “Get your ‘ATOMIC KILL BLASTER’ TODAY!! *sped up voice* Side effects may include vomiting, rashes, headaches, decrease in libido, infection of any open wounds, eye irritation, and gangrene.”


Jehst takes a sip of his mimosa. The TV channel then begins airing a teaser trailer for OCW’s upcoming season 14. It shows an array of OCW superstars from both brands hitting moves, clips from their entrances, and moments from key segments from last season.


Jehst watches for a moment before looking down at his leg. He sighs before swigging back the rest of his mimosa.


Almost on cue, Elsa enters the scene in a red silky robe, half open, revealing parts of her black and white bikini as well as her toned body. She has a mimosa in each hand and passes one to Justin before ruffling her beach dried, raven hair.


Elsa: “Don’t be too down, Justin, you be back in ring soon.”


Jehst: “I’ve still got a little time before my leg will let me compete again; at this stage you’ll get in there before I do, haha.”


He laughs but there is an obvious hint of disappointment in his voice. Justin runs his hand through Elsa’s hair, showing off her slightly shorter hair style.


Jehst: “I like your hair like this.”


Elsa: “I’m happy you like,” she says playfully, before getting comfy on the couch next to her man.


Jehst puts his hand on her thigh and looks over to her.


Jehst: “So what are your goals this season in OCW? You’ve had a taste of the ring in the battle royal, and you did great in that; I was very proud!”


She smiles.


Elsa: “Thank you, I have fun in that match. I just wish I could win it.”


Jehst: “Well if you keep that energy up in the ring I’m sure you’ll get to a good place within the company.”


Elsa: “I would never be in this place if you not help me; thank you.”


Jehst: “Who would have thought a publicist for an actor would end up wrestling in OCW? …I’m glad you’re here with me.”


Justin wraps his arm around her shoulder and pulls her in tight as they enjoy a sip of their mimosas. He presses the remote button to change the channel.


TV Voice Over: “But Brandon…I thought you loved me?”


TV Voice Over: “You’re a great gal, Sally, a real doll, but I needa get outta this town.”


Jehst: “Well, at least we know day time TV is still good,” he says sarcastically as he continues to flick through the channels.


Elsa snuggles against Jehst as the scene fades out.

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Good read, could fix up some of the spelling and grammatical errors though.


If you're talking about Elsa's dialogue it's because she's Swedish and has that way of speaking. There's probably minor grammatical errors, not all of us are English majors. Also, what is spelled wrong?


PS. If you're a grammer Nazi you're gonna have fun reading shows lol

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