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Left, Left

A.C. Cobra

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Previously Recorded


The scene opens with some gameplay of Mario plays on the computer monitor & two chairs are seen sitting in front of them. AC Cobra appears on screen & is wearing a black suit with a Sonic tie.


AC holds a pair of martini cups in his hands and places them on a table. Cobra then pops open a Mountain Dew and pour it in a cup & leaves the other glass empty.


Cobra- Welcome to left, left. Innovative gaming show when we discuss soda, favorite chips, OCW life & most importantly video games. This week we have OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, Drago!


The camera pans outward slightly to show Drago wearing his signature silver satin jacket.

Drago: Thank you for having me here.


Cobra: So tonight we’re going back in time and playing Mortal Kombat, the very first one, on the Genesis. I figured you’d like this one.


Cobra hands Drago a Genesis controller and Cobra takes one as well.


Cobra: So, do you game a lot?


Drago: Uh, I’m not have too much time these day, but when I do play I prefer more simple game. Game these day have too many button. This controller have only six button. But new one? Ooooohhh they have like fifty button.


Cobra starts the game and they are met with the “Choose Your Fighter” screen. Drago holds his hand out.


Drago: Wait, you forgot something!


The hunter hits the reset button on the Genesis and points to his controller.

Drago: A. B. A. C. A. B. B.


A “Get Over Here!” can be heard from the screen.

Cobra: Wow, you still remember that?


Drago: Of course. Why we play Mortal Kombat with no blood?


They finally start up the game and are at the “Choose Your Fighter” screen again. Drago picks Johnny Cage and Cobra picks Scorpion.

Cobra: So does anyone in your family play video games?


Drago: Uh, Dragana like to play, how you say? RPG? She like to read book and she like slower pace game. She don’t like when anyone interrupt, she get very focus in story. Bubba play sometime too.


Cobra: ...What? How?


Drago: He put controller in mouth. Have to deep clean every time.


Cobra keeps performing Scorpion’s Spear only to be met with Drago blocking it and slowly advancing toward him. Drago blocks another Spear and he is this time close enough to punish with an uppercut.


Cobra: So I hear you have this open challenge going around. Tell us about that.


Drago: Is simple. I have Light Heayvweight Championship. You want? Come and get it. That simple.


Cobra: Anyone can challenge you?


Drago laughs a bit.


Drago: Anyone that is Light Heavyweight or below.


Cobra: Well, I’ve put a few pounds or so *slaps breast* but I’m more than ready to hop in that ring with you.


Cobra: I got 2 extra large pizzas coming in from Papa Johns for a little snack. After that, I’ll gladly meet you at the ring.


Drago fist bumps AC & the scene fades.

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Worth the read for this alone.


Great callback and RP for the surprise appearance at Anni.

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President and leading member of the Paul Pugh Fan Club. We love KidEgo


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