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Getting Caught In The Rain

Damian Bourne

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The scene would open with rain pouring and lightning striking in the distance, as the funeral for Damian’s mother would be held. All the black clothing and black umbrellas being held by many family members would give an more ominous feel than usual to the funeral. In the distance standing by a tree, protecting himself from the rain with the leaves of said tree was a man dressed in an all white suit and hair in dreadlocks. Damian would approach the man whos head was down attempting to hide his face


Damian: Excuse me... are you here for for the funeral? I was just sort of confused because you’ve been standing here pretty much since we started.


Unknown Man: I’m guessing you’re Damian, your mother spoke so much of you in her letters, I’m a family friend.


Damian: I’ve never seen you before, are you from around here?


Unknown Man: No... I live somewhere further down south, but I couldn’t miss such an event.


Damian: Well you’re not very properly dressed but I’m sure we have an extra seat available underneath the tent. Come on let’s get you out the rain.


Damian would hold up his umbrella and begin to walk away from the tree to head towards the tent


Damian: So I never got your na—


Damian would turn around and stand in confusion, as the man he had just spoken to was no longer there. He would walk back to the tree and check around it but there was still no sight of the man in the white suit, the only thing left was a carving in the tree. It was a heart with the letter “J” carved into it with a knife, after his search he would head back to the funeral, assuming the man had left as he was maybe busy but Bourne would still be confused about the signature left behind.

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