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Turning the Tables?


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A large door clicks open. The sounds of murmuring between businessmen suddenly come to a halt.


Dennis Dillinger bursts through the opening in the door with a focused look on his face. He peers around at his subordinates with a confused look on his face. The men remove their Bluetooth headsets and stare him down. His brisk pace slows more and more until he comes to a complete stop.


Dillinger: What the hell are all of you looking at?


Dillinger peers up to his main assistant, Kent.


Dillinger: Kent? What is happening?


Kent: Uhm. Sir. Dennis, Uhm. You have a visitor.


Dillinger: Oh god. Telos scared you sissies again, huh?


The crafty businessman regains his stride working towards his office before another assistant, Dan, interjects.


Dan: ... It's not Telos. He's at the arena.


Dillinger pauses at his office door and turns to look at his entire office. He looks left and right slowly to gauge the seriousness of the room. All 15+ of his subordinates are staring at him, some sweating nervously.


Dillinger stops for a tense moment and grabs his lapels, letting out a hearty laugh.


Dillinger: Hahahah! You cowards will panic at anything. Jesus.


Dillinger throws open the door.


Dillinger: I mean, it's not like I---


His sentence is abruptly cut off as he sees a man kicked back in his office chair. His feet are resting on the front of the large desk... His hands resting behind his head.


Tayy Breizee: Sup, Dennis?


Dillinger stands stunned.


Tayy: What? You think that dumb brute woulda hurt me so bad I'd forget where your office was?


Tayy moves his feet from the desk and leans forward. He flicks the name plate off the front of the desk and it bounces off of the carpet below.


Tayy: You ain't that dumb, man.


Dillinger: What the hell are you doing in my office?


Tayy: Well, to be honest man, I'm here to take it all in one more time before I redecorate.


Dillinger stands frozen at his door, his hand steadily on the knob.


Tayy: ...Because I'm not the same Tayy you met in that club 2 years ago.


Tayy: I'm a new man, Denny. That's thanks to you. I love my beautiful fans, bruh. I would never leave them hanging with no Tayy wayy.


Dillinger: You... You can't hurt me, I'll take everything you --


Tayy: Everything I have left. Right? That's what you was gonna' say? Maaan, I ain't concerned about that protection order right now.


Tayy Breizee stands from the desk and walks around it with his hands behind his back.


Tayy: You thought you took Taylor Bryce down for good with that little contract you signed... but I done spoke to Jaysin Sensation. We good.


Dillinger tenses up and looks towards the door as Tayy walks closer and closer.


Tayy: I want you to understand how hard it was. How hard it was to recover from a torn rotator cuff. How hard it was to lift things above my head for a month. How hard I fought in my own home to try and get by why you stole my money.


Dillinger: I stole nothing. That contract was legally binding. You were in the same courtroom I was.


Tayy: Hah. You right, Denny.


Tayy halts his progress and begins walking towards the window, looking at his hands.


Tayy: ...but my fans ain't dumb, bruh. They know who you are now.


Tayy: I done told them... No more old Tayy stuff. That's why you're hemorrhaging money right now from my side.


Tayy: Your biggest mistake in that court room was allowing Tayy Breizee to live.


Tayy turns around to face Dillinger, who has opened the door.




The 3 men rush in confused and panicked, Dillinger backs behind them.


Dillinger: I've heard enough of your bullcrap, you thug. Get him out of here, boys.


The three men hesitate while looking at Tayy, who stands calmly, almost laughing.


Tayy: Dennis, you know I ain't got no protection order against these 3 clowns.


After hearing the words the three men back away, leaving Dillinger back at the front as Tayy once again approaches right up to Dillinger and looks up to the tall talent agent with a small grin.


Tayy: You may a' thought I was gon' disappear. Nah. Imma make your life a living hell as much as I can within your own legal limitations.


Tayy walks by Dillinger towards the door and pauses... The 3 assistants scatter out of the way as he walks by and he shouts one last shot before he leaves.


Tayy: Telos can't protect you forever. Imma bust his ass quick!


Dillinger stares at the door as Tayy exits the building, shaking with rage.

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