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Breaking news.


Brianna Summers: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Brianna Summers with News channel 3. Our top story, 2 OCW Superstars have been taken into police custody after a fight broke out in a local bar tonight.


Brianna Summers: Both Wrex (full name Alastair Ross) and Austin Lee have been taking into police custody.




Brianna Summers: Witnesses reporting the fight started immediately at the arrival of the other. Causing an unknown amount of dollars worth of damage and injuring two other customers.


Brianna Summers: Charges are expected to be filed for both individuals.


Brianna Summers: Ross, a former CCW World champion and a key member of the Turmoil roster declined a statement


Brianna Summers: Lee, a former CCW "Worlds" champion in his own right and the current match maker for OCW Turmoil was unable to be reached for a statement


Brianna Summers: We have reached out to OCW headquarters and the president of OCW but have yet to receive a response or a statement about the events that took place only hours after a OCW Turmoil broadcast as ended


Brianna Summers: Reports saying alcohol to have been the main contributing factor to the fight.


Brianna Summers: This story coming in only weeks away from OCW biggest show of the year, with 2 superstars possibly being unable to compete due to these events.


Brianna Summers: We will continue to cover this story as the details continue to file in.

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