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Maxx Edwards on Signing with OCW

Maxx Edwards

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Maxx Edwards is standing in front of a wall plastered with OCW logos surrounded by reporters from various news stations. Sounds of voices and camera flashes can be heard. Everyone is rushing trying to ask Maxx questions.


OCW The Magazine Reporter: Maxx, how do you feel on signing with OCW?


Maxx Edwards: Feels great! Ready to take this company by storm, think this is the proper next step in my career


TMZ Reporter: How will this contract affect your movies?


Maxx Edwards: I think I might take a break from the screen for a bit. Really working on expanding my brand and doing what makes me happy


The Daily Suplex Reporter: With little to no wrestling experience, how well do you think you'll do in OCW?


Maxx Edwards: Do you know who I am?


The crowd awaits a response from the reporter


Maxx Edwards: No! Seriously! Do you know who I am?


The Daily Suplex Reporter: Y-yes, you're Maxx Edwards, everyone knows you


Maxx Edwards: Then why would you ask such stupid questions when you already know the answer to them. I had no experience when I became an actor and guess what, I became the best actor in the world. What do you think I am gonna do in OCW?


The Daily Suplex Reporter: It was just a ques-


Maxx Edwards: Yeah, but you knew what you meant by asking that. I could be the worst wrestler in the company and you would turn on your shitty TV to see me perform. I am an entertainer. A Superstar. And I am the biggest signing this company has ever had and I plan to take this company by storm! So what do I plan to do? Be the biggest wrestler this company has ever seen Bigger than all of these no-name hall of famers that noone has ever heard of. And your wife is gonna be rooting for me on TV every night whether you'd like it or not, cause anyone would rather watch me than that shithole news that is, The Daily Suplex.


ESPN Reporter: Maxx who is your first opponent going to be?


Maxx Edwards: I am done answering questions.


Maxx storms off refusing to take pictures or answer questions.

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Great job setting the tone of the character. I like the movie star "I'll be great at everything" aspect. Has a lot of possibilities to work into storylines and methods for actions. Looking forward to seeing the future of Maxx Edwards

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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