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Archer Academy - Attrition

Jacob Trance

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The dust settles on Turmoil 233. We find ourselves in a limousine driving away from the Barclays Centre. In the limousine are the Archer Academy contestants and Nicholas Maximus. Everyone seems pleased, even Damian Bourne is in high spirits. All of the crew are drinking champagne, acting as if wins and losses don't actually matter.


Archer taps his glass and clears his throat.


Archer: A toast to you all for performing so well so far. I am most impressed but remember, someone will eventually have to lose. But… Your performances will not be ignored by the fans, the staff and most importantly your paychecks.


Benjamin goes to speak but gets cut off by Nicholas placing a hand over his mouth and a shake of his head.


Archer: That being said… The next challenge is going to be an urban assault course. You will be dropped off at random locations in the city and will have to make your way to the airport…


The limousine draws to a halt.


Archer: Damian, you will be starting from here, giving you a head start on everyone else. Nicholas!


Archer claps a couple of times and Nicholas exits the vehicle, walking around the outside of it to open the door for Damian. Damian exits into the night, looking around an abandoned car park.


Bourne: Creepy…


Somewhere nearby is a weird noise that sounds slightly human, followed by a vibrating noise. The limousine door shuts and begins to leave. Bourne approaches a box and opens it, inside is a talking, vibrating Code Jackman body pillow.


Bourne: This has gone too fucking far…


Bourne kicks the box over and reaches into his pocket for his phone.


Bourne: Can't believe that rich bastard has never hard of Uber… Wait…


Bourne performs the lost item pat down before looking worried, he can't find something.


Bourne: Shit…


We cut back to the limousine just in time to see Nicholas throw a cellphone out of the window. He grins when everyone looks at him before folding his arms.


Nicholas: Master Archer takes the rules very seriously.


Archer: He is correct.


The limousine pulls onto the freeway as it begins to rain. Sparks presses his face to the glass, watching the journey. He nudges Tucker before pointing.


Sparks: We’re going to the airport…


JT: But that's the challenge…


Archer cackles causing everyone but Nicholas to jump.


Archer: Of course it is! Maybe for Damian, if he can ever find his way there.


Archer takes out a wallet and rifles through it before throwing it out of the window too. He holds up Damian’s ID card.


Archer: Would never have thought that was his real name, I suppose you learn something every day. Gentlemen, we are going to Hawaii for the next part of the challenge, Damian is staying here… Because he has been expelled, he has been deemed unworthy of my teachings. Now, let’s all listen to my entrance music!


At that, New Americana does indeed blare through the speakers as we fade out, a little memorial picture of Damian pops up saying “Damian Bourne 2019-2019 Archer Academy Alumi, his grade was F-.”

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