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The World's Worst Critic

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Following his most recent match against Alex Asher, The Mantis can be seen walking backstage, presumably to the locker room, while speaking, well, rather shouting, on the phone with his concerned mother.


The Mantis: No, mammy, yer not understandin' what I'm sayin'. I'm tryin' ta' actually make somthin' o' me pathetic life over 'ere! I've been noticed by tha' biggest wrestlin' name in the business, and-


A pause as he pulls his phone away from his ear, his mother shouting at him through the phone.


The Mantis: Mammy, have ye even seen the matches that I've been in? Okay, yea, granted, they may 'ave been losses, but-


Another pause as more shouting can be heard on the line.


The Mantis: Say what ye like, mammy, but don't ye get it? I'm actually makin' a name for meself here! I 'ave the chance ta' make da's dream a reality! Don't ye think he'd be proud o' me if he saw what I've been up 'ta?


Another pause as the shouting appears to have died down somewhat, only for The Mantis to interrupt his mother with shouting of his own into the phone.


The Mantis: I AM NOT IN OVER MY BLOODY HEAD! I am gonna do me father proud, and become an OCW Superstar, whether you like it or bloody not! And when I'm holdin' that glitterin' belt over me 'ead, you'll wish you didn't doubt yer son so much!


The Mantis angrily hangs up the phone and roars into the hall, which catches a grimaced stare from another past opponent of his, Damian Bourne, who was also walking the halls.


The Mantis: Tha' hell are you lookin' at? God, everyone's a damn critic...


The Mantis storms off, leaving Bourne alone to wonder what on earth just happened.

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The promo is fine, but why is this not on the show!?


Promo room stuff should be limited. Think of it like Social Media. You want all of your main stuff on the shows, not on Twitter(promo room). Put your content on the shows so it can get actual views.


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