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A dream of good and evil

Ashley Moore

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Additional Consequence material


We see Stacy Clark backstage in the interview area together with Ashley Moore.


Stacy Clark: Wow, that was a huge surprise today in the ring. You helped your rival Valkyrie against your best friend Empress.


Ashley Moore: Former best friend.


Stacy Clark: How come?


Ashley Moore: After all what she has done against Valkyrie, she still couldn't beat her and then she wanted to attack her from behind. I had to step in. Even if we were a unity once.


Stacy Clark: So, your tag team with Empress is officially over?


Ashley Moore: Yes, it is.


Ashley Moore: Sadly she was the only friend I ever had here, because nobody else wanted to have anything to do with me.


Ashley Moore: And I can’t blame them. I was awful. When Valkyrie’s parents where kidnapped I didn’t help her, I only made fun of her.


Ashley Moore: Even in my match vs Elsa this week I used dirty tactics to win.


Ashley Moore: But this will stop now. The last month really showed me that I have to change.


Ashley Moore: In addition to that I had a dream this night.


Stacy Clark: What was that dream about?


Ashley Moore: I saw me fighting against myself. It was the part of me that did all those mean things in the past against side of me that I will show from now on.




Ashley Moore: When I was young and weak everyone picked on me. I was not allowed to show any weakness, I was not allowed to fail. So the evil part locked away my good and naiv side, but that is over now.


Stacy Clark: And u really dreamed that?


Ashley looks at her and starts to laugh.


Ashley Moore: Of course not, but I really love this metaphor of good vs evil. Sorry, if I mislead you.


Stacy Clark: Well, that was the Interview with Ashley Moore. Back to the studio.


And the screen fades to black.

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