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Wrestler Bio: Satohiko "Aisu" Hitta


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Satohiko Hitta


Known as:




Born in Osaka, Japan / Lived the majority of his life in Strasbourg, France.


Theme song:

Custom Mix "HxH - Rasetsu/Riot"



Double Rotation Moonsault (Perfection), Running Euro Uppercut (Organized Potatoes)



Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver (M.D.D.), Handspring Back Elbow 450 Splash (Closed Trap)




Native of Osaka, Japan, Hitta moved at a young age to France and started his studies there. He entered a Wrestling school in Western France at the age of 14, where he met Rust Cohle and his sister Zoe.

They became family and 5 years later (2012) moved to Japan together to compete in professional Wrestling tournaments. He had success but not as much as Rust.

Rust Cohle left Japan in 2016, where he signed with the OCW. Hitta kept competing there, but moved few months later.

His signature mask, which was his all identity throughout his career, disappeared lately, and changed Hitta completely. Kindness has been replaced with anger, pride with disgust.

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