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Ty gets his eye.


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TY Sparks didn’t like all of the secrecy and sneaking around. He would have preferred to enter his apartment through the front door, but he had a sneaking suspicion that Cort was watching and waiting. The FI was always with him, safe as could be.

Still the climb to his window was a challenge because of the whimsy tree that he was forced to scale. When he finally made it high enough he jumped to the ledge where he opened the window while balancing precariously.

The kitchen should have been empty he didn’t have any friends, except Bingo. But when he landed on the floor a few things happened before he could respond.

First the window slammed shut behind him. Someone tripped him and pressed their knee into his back and the lights switched on.

Ty: TAKE IT! Take the FI! I don’t wanna get hurt!


Mysterious voice: Bingo would be so displeased at how easily you fold…


Ty didn’t answer.

MV: I don’t know what he sees in you, but stay still. He has a surprise for you.


Ty: You know Bingo! Is he ok?


MV: He has...seen the light and be believes it is time for you to start seeing with both eyes.


An odd clawed finger taps Ty’s glass eye.

MV: Now, hold still, this will sting a lil bit.




Ty kicked and tried to push off the three others that held him down. While he was immobilized they popped out his fake eye and then took out an intricate looking mechanical eye.

MV: Trust us. B has friends in many timelines.






Ty: Holy shit….I...I can see!

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