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OCWFed.com Exclusive: Mystery... Solved?


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A video package begins to static into effect. The screen flickers and a smoke filled room appears on the screen. The same room that The Man Called Joopiter has issued ominous threats to his opponents in the past.


The same folding chair sits in the empty room in front of an old box television, which cuts on suddenly.


The grainy television screen shows The Man Called Joopiter in the ring with his rival Jackson Montgomery before the lights shut off and he disappeared, leading to Montgomery's countout victory.


After a few moments, a hooded figure appears on the screen. He removes his hood to reveal a pale man with black makeup around his eyes. The TV shuts off.


Man: Hello. You do not know me.


Man: You do not need to know me.


His hand raises slowly as the light comes on inside the room. The smoke disappears and the single folding chair sits alone in the center of the room.


Man: You didn't need to know him either.


The man turns around to reveal the back of his long hooded jacket. A large South African flag is embroidered on the center. The camera follows the man as he exits the room and clicks the light off.


He slams the door shut and the video ends.

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