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OCWFED.COM Exclusive: CCW Championship & Wrestlution 14 Announcement

Tiberius Dupree

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In an OCWFed.com exclusive, Stacy Clark is standing outside the office of general manager Tiberius Dupree.


Stacy: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing just outside the office of our general manager, Tiberius Dupree. I’ve been asked by the OCW Hall of Famer to join him after our Riot for a special announcement.


Stacy: We are just weeks ahead of Wrestlution 14, the greatest show of them all. With everything that has been going on in the past few months, one can only dream what-


Stacy is forced to stop as, almost heavenly, a golden aura peeks through the cracks of the door, as it slowly creeps open. Near-angelically, Tiberius steps out with a smirk and straightens his suit jacket.


Dupree: Stacy. Thank you for coming.


Stacy: Of course. Now Tiberius, the OCW world wants to know what this announcement could be heading into the show of shows…?


Stacy leans the microphone up to Dupree.


Dupree: Well, Stacy. Dating back to Turmoil 241, when I was stuffed into a car and MISLED by those PHREAKING Kassholians, the CCW World Heavyweight Championship has been the cause of much violence, backstabbing, confusion, and debate.


Dupress: It’s caused my matches to be interrupted, tag teams to be broken apart, shows to be scrambled, and my locker room to become an underground fight club.


Dupree: At Wrestlution, the show I personally, single-handedly made famous, I intend to put an end to it once and for all…


Dupree: Because Kassidy Alexander Hayes WILL defend that championship.


Dupree: He will defend that championship with HONOR against…


Dupree smirks and pauses for a moment.


Dupree: ...OCW Hall of Famer Jacob Trance.


Stacy: Wow! Well you heard it here firs--




Dupree: He will defend it against OCW Hall of Famer Jacob Trance… As well as Wrex, Rust Cohle, and Quartz…


Dupree: And since I’m going to need a new contract to hang above the ring for the Future Investment ladder match, he will also defend it against B17!


Dupree: Now for those of you that can count, that’s 6 competitors. 6 of our finest talents and contenders for that very CCW World Championship.


Dupree: ...and since previous matches haven’t been effective in solving this issue once and for all, I’m going to put all 6 of them in a match constructed for the very purpose of destroying one another.


Dupree looks right into the camera.


Dupree: That’s right Kassidy Hayes, you’ve done it once, now let’s see if you can do it again. You will defend your championship against all 5 men inside the Elimination Chamber!


Dupree: Does Jacob Trance still have it in him? Will Wrex finally ring the neck of the man who stole the title from him? Will B17 choose his “leader” over one of our industry’s greatest prizes?


Dupree: ...And...and I’m not done Stacy... since CQC decided to “hand” the championships over as “delicately” as they did. They will begin the match #1 and #2! That is, if they don’t kill each other in our main event next week.




Dupree gives a sarcastic wave to the camera as he walks back into his office. Stacy stands stunned as the OCWFed.com exclusive fades to black.

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