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A few hours after lution.


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In some dusty old bar, far from the lights of the Las Vegas strip sits a man a few glasses in, one hand on his face while the other shakilly attempts to pour out another glass. From the tattoos, the beard and the leather cut off jacket, it's easy to tell who the man is. A former CCW champion and one of the few to survive the main event of night one, Wrex. And from the looks of it, barely.


Wrex: Another event come and gone, and yet another fuck up.. I thought I finally had it figured out y’know? I beat one of the men who ripped everything from me going in, this should have been easy. All but one of them I beat.. But Kassidy, just him showing his face was enough to send me spiraling back, I know it. The man’s a goddamn tumour stuck in my head, just when I think I can move on he comes back and takes it all again.


Wrex finally manages to pour another, and quickly it's gone.


Wrex: Of course it was gonna be him, of course bingo walks away victorious. What a goddamn kick in the teeth, the one man that has my number when it comes to the big gold, and he knows it. Fuckin’ revels in it I bet. Fucker.


Wrex: And of course. Here I am again, drinking it all away. Back at square one and no idea where to go, lost, where can I go from here y’know?


Wrex puts the bottle down as in the background a bell can be heard.


Wrex: Maybe I should go through with what I planned originally? Walk away. I’ve been a tag champ, I’ve held the big one a couple times, and now I've main evented Wrestle Fuckin' Lution. Maybe it's time to move over..


??: Wrex.


Wrex: ...What?


A second man sits down at the bar next to him, #Austin Lee.


#Austin: Shut the fuck up. You and I both know this is all you have, all you know, you’d be back in a month.


Wrex: ..All I know? I don't know about that anymore Austin. Just, every time I try to get back on track I get kicked further back, further down.


#Austin pours two more drinks, sliding one over to Wrex.


#Austin: Take it from the man who walked away when he was in your shoes.


#Austin takes a swig from his drink.


#Austin: Definitely have to work on your taste. This is god awful.


#Austin finishes his drink, pouring himself another.


#Austin: You walk away you will regret it and never will find something that can fill that void like wrestling will.


#Austin: So the way i see it is you have two options….


#Austin: I can whoop your ass all over this bar again….


#Austin finishes his second drink.


#Austin: Or you can shut the fuck up, enjoy a drink and talk about how we can reshape our Turmoil.


Wrex: Reshape? Where would you even start? The fact that the show seems to get taken over about three times a year? Or the fact that every GM it’s had has been ego-maniacal? How about the fact that every single title on the show is in the hands of Riot stars.. It’d take hours to even find the beginning.


#Austin: We’ve got hours, don't we?


Wrex: I suppose we do, not enough good drink though.


The sound of a bottle smashing is all that is heard as Lee throws the still mostly full bottle against a wall.


Wrex: Why do you keep doing that?


#Austin: Forget it, we can talk about it while we drive.


Wrex: Drive? I have a plane ticket home though.


#Austin: No you don’t, I cancelled it. Lets go, I have an idea.


#Austin jumps up from his chair, heading for the door with his car keys in hand.


Wrex: ...Fuck.


Wrex slowly stands and follows along, looking incredibly worried the whole way there.

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