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Breaking News coming out of OCW End Game.


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Alastair Ross (who wrestles under the ring name of Wrex) appeared to have suffered an injury at End Games and required help to the backstage area after his match with Nate Ortiz.


It isn’t known at this time what caused the collapse after the match, but it has been previously rumoured (and acknowledged by the man himself before his match) that he had been working through serious injury and pains for the best part of the year.


While the full extent of the injuries are not known currently, what has been confirmed is that the left rotator cuff (previously damaged at consequence’) has suffered a tear.


Sources within the company have told us that surgery is being planned to try and repair the damage, along with other nagging issues. A long recovery time is expected, but even then. The man they call Mr. Turmoil might be a shadow of the performer he once was.

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