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Rise of The Tide


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August 11th, 1988 - Rise of The Tide


A tearful woman sits upright in her hospital bed. She holds onto a newborn baby nice and snug to her bosom. She gives her child gentle kisses all over its face. Her husband is bent over on her bedside stroking her hair.


No words can express their emotions as they embrace the moment of their miracle child coming into this world quietly. Only the summer rain can be heard hitting the windows of her hospital room.


Mother: I can’t believe he’s finally here. My thyroid conditions made it so complicated for us to have this one.


Father: Everything happens for a reason, Dear. My new job is moving back to the states. Heard Colorado is just as cold as Calgary. Now we have Harvey, we’re going to start anew.


Mother: I know. I wish it moved closer to where we were before. I just wish we were in a better position 3 years ago.


The husband consoles his wife quickly by kissing her on the forehead as she sheds a tear. The doctor that helped deliver the baby walks in with the nurse.


The nurse carries in a package of diapers and baby formula.


Doctor: Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Ocean! How are we doing?


Mother: The baby is ok and so am I.


Father: Harvey is always smiling. People are going to love him.


Doctor: That’s always good! We’re just going to keep him here for a few days to monitor his vitals. The nurse here provided you some essentials.


Nurse: If he’s hungry now feed him and write down how many millimeters he’s had and the time.


A cafeteria worker came in to serve The Oceans their first family breakfast.


Doctor: Well I’ll leave you folks to enjoy your meal. My nurse here will check on you guys every few hours.


Father: Oh! Can you take a picture of us together with the baby please?


The doctor takes the camera and snaps a picture of them. The film comes out of the camera and he pulls it out and shakes it.


He gives it to the father and he watches the photo come in full color. He fully extends his arm out so his wife can see.


The mother looks and grabs the photo to take a closer look. She smiles and shows baby Harvey.


The camera zooms into the picture and then pans back slowly.


Heather is resting on Harvey’s chest looking at the picture that was taken 32 years ago.


Heather: That’s a cute picture of you and your parents. It’s the biggest smile I've ever seen a baby have.


Heather: Wish I had memories like that.


H2O: You will one day. Through our family someday.


Heather: Will I ever get to meet them one day? They seem like good people.


H2O: They are. As their only child you think I would feel lonely but they never made me feel that way. They really are good people.


H2O closes the book and puts in the drawer of his nightstand. Then reaches above the drawer and turns the light off.


It’s now pitch black in the room and Heather starts to giggle.


Scene fades.

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And just like that, Quartz and Spider know the exact time period they need to navigate to to wipe Harvey off the face of the earth.


Why are you giving them ideas? Don’t feed into their shenanigans.






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