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Loading Up on Safety


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Day Before Summercide - Night 1

The scene opens up in the parking lot somewhere in Clearwater, Florida. As the camera scans across the vast parking lot, we see a bright neon green R32 Nissan Skyline pull up to a spot. The door opens to see The Lord of the Lariat, The Messiah of the Multiverse, The Sultan of Safety, Mugen walk out in a matching neon green outfit without P3.


Mugen: Let’s see if this place can help me finish getting what I need for tomorrow……


As Mugen walks we see him pull out his phone to open an app with a shopping list of items. He reaches the front entrance of what seems to be a Home Depot and smiles.

Mugen: I’d be surprised if they didn’t honestly. Already got the baseball bat and the Asian beat stick….check check.


Mugen ticks off the couple of items he has already seemingly acquired. As he walks in, a cheery female employee walks up to Mugen ready to help.

Employee: Hello! Welcome to Home Depot, can I help you look for something?


Mugen: Why hello overly cheery woman, I have a list of items that I need for a wrestling match that I have tomorrow.


Employee: Oh gee, are you one of those guys who do those violent matches in the backyards? Light tubes and barbed wire and all?


Mugen chuckles at that statement.

Mugen: Oh haha, no. My match with Cort Marshall is Safety First. I’m one of those really safe wrestlers that likes to introduce some extracurricular activities just to spice it up. It's just like when Empress wants to intro........I'm getting ahead of myself here.


The employee’s look changes to one of confusion as she has no idea what that means.

Mugen: It seems that I’ve confused you but nonetheless I think you will be of much help to me today.


Mugen points at his phone with the checklist app open.

Mugen: I still need to procure these few items. I need your finest wooden tables, your tallest, sturdiest ladder, your sledgiest sledgehammer and quite possibly some lighter fluid. Can you assist?


Employee: Well of course, we have all of that here!


Mugen: Well you and I are going to have a swell bonding moment today. Off we go!


Mugen points ahead as the employee starts to lead Mugen around the store. The scene fades to black.



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