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Backstage at RIOT 586


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The scene opens backstage in the catering area. The catering tables are busy with wrestlers and staff assembling plates of food to take back to tables where they can eat by themselves or in groups. OWEN, dressed in his casual clothes, comes into shot standing at the food table assembling a healthy plate of proteins and vegetables. Over his shoulder is Mark Reese with his own plate.


Reese: Oh hey big guy. Don’t take all of the good stuff! Can’t be starvin’ the rest of us like a coyote in Alaska.


OWEN: You need not worry about that. There’s plenty here, and I’m sure the’ve got more in the back.


Reese: Oh that’s surer than a possum liking apples, mom takes this stuff seriously. Hey, can I ask you a question? How do you pronounce your name, is it just Owen or do I need to holler it like a bison?


OWEN: Your mom is the cook? Oh yeah, sure. Owen is fine. I’d leave the hollering like a bison to Stacy Clark’s little sister or little brother.


Reese: Y’know that’s not a nice thing to say, the Clark’s a lovely family, Owen. Can’t just be standin’ in line calling’ her sibling a beast.


OWEN shakes his head gently while chuckling to himself.


OWEN: Oh no… I wasn’t calling either of them a bison… I assumed bison hollers are loud?


Reese: Oh! Yeah, loud as loud can be. I forget that you guys don’t really have interestin’ animals back in the UK.


OWEN: Cow is probably the closest to bison we have.


Reese: That’s a shame big guy, anyway, try the southern fried fish, gotta get your strength up for Lution.


OWEN: I try to stay away from fried foods nowadays, but thanks for the suggestion. Is there anything else of your mom’s you’d recommend? Something a little healthier?


Reese: There’s a grilled chicken salad if y’all are lookin’ to reduce the amount of cushion you’re pushin’


OWEN: Thanks. Just want to make sure I’m keeping myself ticking over with the right stuff…


OWEN moves along in the queue and uses provided equipment to add elements of the grilled chicken salad to his plate.


Reese: Anyway I gotta get movin’ along to the gym, enjoy lunch big guy!


OWEN: If you ever need a gym buddy, I know you’ve had some issues this year with keeping people around you, maybe you could ask your cousin? She does have a wedding coming up soon, doesn’t she?


Reese shoots Owen a look, having taken offence.


Reese: What did you just say? Actually, Y’know what big guy, I think she’s doin’ just fine in the gym by herself. See you around.


Reese turns his back on Owen almost immediately, leaving sharply with his plate.


OWEN: Good to hear. See you around.


The scene fades to black and onto the next segment.

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