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OCWFED.Com Exclusive: An Evening With Christian Garcia

Christian Garcia

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Our camera finds Stacey Clark sitting with a face all too familiar to the OCW faithful. It's Christian Garcia, and El Cubano doesn't seem to be too happy, a cuban cigar in one hand as he stares daggers at the seasoned interviewer. The setting is far more formal than your average OCW production: it's clear that this is a special occasion.


Stacy: Good evening, OCW fans, my name is Stacy Clark, and you're watching an OCWFED.com exclusive edition of the Clark Effect. My guest tonight, the recently controversial Christian Garcia.


Garcia doesn't respond to his less-than-flattering introduction, instead taking a drag of his cigar.


Stacy: Mr. Garcia. You've always been a very vocal man, ever since we first met over a year ago, when you confronted Wrex backstage for your first time after your loss to Chris Greene.


Garcia: Motherfuckers love to bring that up, huh?


Stacy: Mr. Garcia, you're already facing mounting fines for your behavior as of late, I suggest we keep the profanity to a minimum.


Garcia: Oh, right, we're a decent show now, I forget. It's not like Marisa Expensive's honkers aren't hanging out every week on TV, right?


Stacy: Mr. Garcia, please.


Garcia: Are you gonna ask a question or not?


Stacy composes herself, and continues.


Stacy: You've had a very rough first year in OCW, and that's not unusual for rookie prospects like yourself-


Garcia: I'm a thirty-four year old man with almost a decade of combat sports experience, and you call me a rookie.


Stacy: -you were taken into the Dennis Dillinger Enterprises system very early in your career. You were faced with a multitude of challenges. You were tested against men like Maxx Edwards, Derek Smith and Sheldon Tremblay, who went on to become champions, or men like Tyson Wagner and El Parca-


Garcia: Don't talk about Miguel.


Stacy: Mr. Garcia, I think we need to talk about Miguel.


Garcia shifts uncomfortably in his seat, but Stacy doesn't back down.


Stacy: Throughout the entire run of DDE, through its growing pains to the short-lived Dane Xavier experiment, to the introduction of the Nuclear Option and Gonzalo Munoz, you were always seen as El Parca's right hand man.


Garcia: I was. We were close. You know how I saw Miguel? He was like my little brother, Stacy. You love to do your research, you know I had a little brother before, right? Do you know what happened to him?


There's an eerie silence cast over the interview, and now it's Stacy's turn to look uncomfortable.


Garcia: I grew up with nothing. I had to scratch and claw my way to this place on a college wrestling scholarship, a few MMA fights, four televised deathmatches in bingo halls, and a dream. And it took me until I was 33 years old. Miguel was young. Hungry. He'd already gotten to the big time, but he wanted more. All of us do.


Garcia: I saw a little brother there, Stacy. Do you know who christened him 'El Primero'? It was me. 'El Primero'. The First. Because he would come first in DDE. It didn't matter about me. As much as he would have told you otherwise, it didn't matter about Dane Xavier. It didn't matter about Wrex, not at first.


Garcia: Miguel bought me fine cars and rolex watches and put money in my niece and nephew's college funds, because I gave him counsel. I steered him on the right path. And look where he's gone, now. Broken. Lost. Alone. Trying to collect the pieces of the life he destroyed to get here.


Garcia: It cost him everything. Just like it cost ME everything.


Stacy: Do you blame El Parca for your current predicament? Do you blame Jasmin Kaffee? Marcus McMichaels? John Carter?


Garcia: No. I blame you.

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Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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Stacy: Pardon?


Garcia pauses to blow out a ring of smoke in Stacy's direction, before continuing with a dead level tone.


Garcia: I blame all of you. 'Very rough first year'. Let me tell you something. I came in with three other young talent. Name them. Name any one of them. Name. One.


Stacy has to think for a moment, but is able to clearly recall at least one name.


Stacy: Nathaniel Anderson.


Garcia: And where is Nathaniel Anderson now? Where is Manik Mercer? Where is Hunter McIntyre? Where is Connor Harnage?


Stacy doesn’t have a response, and Garcia nods with a satisfied hum, taking another puff off his cigar.


Garcia: I stayed, Stacey. Through ALL of this, I stayed. I was embarrassed by TWC in my first match. Not only did John Carter repeatedly interfere to cost me the match, he tried to shave my head. I got put in a ‘rookie rush’ that fell apart because one big-mouth couldn’t keep his name out of the dirt sheets for ten minutes.


Garcia: Then, whaddya know, there comes my golden ticket, all I gotta do is beat up an old man and pick a fight with Harvey Hamilton Ocean.


Garcia: And what do I get for my trouble?


Garcia begins counting on his fingers.


Garcia: Smashed by Tyson Wagner. Crushed by KD. I’m the laughing stock of the company because Wrex showed up to his first DDE payday zooted off his mind. Big-Timed because the movie star Justin Jehst tripped over a fucking lighting rig, but could still make it to his match with Tony Touch. Lost my opportunity at the S-Cup, TWICE, and then the winner does nothing with the opportunity he's given but dawdle around with John Carter and the Wrestle Cunts.


Garcia: And above all that, I got taken for a ride by my little bro Miguel. I get made a fool out of by Wrex on the night of my biggest triumph. I took Rust Cohle to the limit, and I won. I defeated the North American Champion that night, and I did it on my own terms. I didn’t break the rules, I didn’t have anybody in my corner, I didn’t take a shortcut.


Garcia: And again, I end up on the business end of two beatdowns. One from Siddhant, and need I remind you I came closer than ANY man to beating that big galoot, and the other from Wrex.


Garcia: But of course, there’s Stephen McCallum, come to rescue me, come to show me the way to paradise! No such luck. First thing I did was turn ‘Hyper Mantis Red’ to ‘Hyper Mantis Dead’. Done. Washed. See you when you spoil your own return, AGAIN.


Garcia: Put on an instant classic against Derek Smith, BANGER. Lost that match, everyone wrote me off. You know what I did then? I went and squared off against Wrex for the North American Title. And I WON. I took him to the limit in his own match, and I WON. And I kept winning my way to the greatest technical masterclass of the season at Wrestlution in Wembley, and then I kept winning until Miguel, being Miguel, got his lucky shot and did what he set out to do.


Garcia: Grand Slam Primero hadn’t taken enough from me, so he had to take my title, because I had the one thing he couldn't lord over me anymore.


Stacy: You asked for that match against El Parca, Mr. Garcia. Why?


CG falls silent, staring at Stacy with his slow-burning cigar in hand. They sit there like that for a solid minute, simply staring.


Stacy: Why did you-


CG: Ask me again and I’ll smack the shit out of you.


Stacy: You won’t lay a hand on me if you want to keep your job. Regardless, we’ll move on. Jasmin Kaffee. What happened to the two of you, you were friends-


CG: She was my protege. Not my ‘girlfriend’ like some of these stupid marks like Deborah Soto have been saying- News flash, Debbie!


CG points to the ring on his finger as he turns to the camera.


CG: I am a happily married man, married to the most wonderful husband in the world. I am queer fucking excellence, so shut your mouth and focus on the cage match you big-mouthed your way into and beat that little leech’s ass before you come talking at me out the side of your mouth.


CG: But nah, let’s go back to talking about Jasmin.

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Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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CG: I didn’t want Jasmin here. I never did. She was making mad money in MMA, she was undefeated, she was un-fucking-stoppable, and do you know what happened? Once again, lil’ bro Miguel flexed his muscles because he thought she was pretty, and got her a job. And man, I’ll tell you what, I loved Miguel back then…


CG: But brother needed to get his eyes checked.


Stacy: To her credit, Miss Kaffee is extremely talented, though the transition to professional wrestling hasn’t been particularly easy for her-


CG: Of course it hasn’t been easy, Stacy. She’s not a wrestler. I taught her how to grapple. She was a kickboxer and a cheerleader growing up, she’s not a wrestler. She came up watching people like Tiberius Dupree, Paul Pugh, Dimmsmore, Sean McGee, Patolomai, but she never understood it.


CG: It was all just fun and games to her.


CG takes another long drag of his cigar while Stacy continues to press him with questions.


Stacy: What about the GOAT Academy?


CG: What about the fucking GOAT Academy? I went there out of desperation. I was convinced that bank-addicted drug robber, rest in piss, had something I needed. Jasmin followed me like a lost puppy because that’s all she knows how to do. That, and she looked up to the guy. With a taste in role models like hers, are you surprised she ended up like this?


Stacy: Jasmin told us in her first interview with the company that she looked up to you. Would you say that was a mistake, too?


CG seems momentarily taken aback by the question, and Stacy pounces at the opportunity.


Stacy: This isn’t about Jasmin Kaffee anymore, isn’t it? This isn’t about El Parca. This isn’t about DDE, this isn’t about Marcus McMichaels. This is about you.


CG: What the hell are you talking about?


Stacy: This is about you, Christian. This is about your rookie year. You have been done wrong by people. You have had your trust abused. You have been taken advantage of, lied to, and deceived. And your response is to try and take it out on everyone else around you, is that it?


CG goes to say something, but is cut off by Stacy.


Stacy: I am not finished, Mr. Garcia. You seem to be under the impression that everyone in this company has had it in for you from the very beginning, when that was never the case. The fans were genuinely behind you when you left DDE behind. People genuinely cheered for you when you defeated Cort Marshall.


Stacy: People were firmly behind you when you went into your match with Viktor Karmine, injured as you were, and they remained behind you until you showed us all the truth.


Stacy: Christian Garcia, you are not the Future Investment. You’re not The Last of Your Kind. You’re a sad, paranoid, and scared husk of the man you were at Turmoil 279 and Wrestlution 16.


Garcia opens his mouth to protest, only to be cut off again.


Stacy: And if that weren't the truth, then you tell me this. Why did you call out Miguel after Wrestlution? If Miguel 'stole' your title, if he 'envied' you, if he 'plotted' against you, then why did you fire the first shot? Why open the door?


Stacy: You wanted what you believed was justice, Christian Garcia. And you failed. And when you looked in the mirror that night, you chose to blame the people who supported you for that failure. And now here you are, with nothing and no one but the faded memory of DDE and the doors of Scumchester Academy.


Stacy: If I may ask the question I came here to ask, Christian. If I can finally get the truth out of you, after two months of you dodging the question.


Stacy: Why are you doing this?


There's an even longer pause. CG seems stunned, unable to look away from Stacy but seemingly unwilling to engage with her. He starts to say something, only to stop short, and draw his lips into a thin line. His expression shifts from one of barely contained rage, to... something else. The silence is only broken when he stands up out of his chair, and flicks the still lit cigar at Stacy, who bats it aside with her hand before it can land on her dress. CG walks away and out of the frame silently, leaving an irate Stacy to look at him as he retreats.


She turns back to the camera, and makes a 'cut' motion with her hand.

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Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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