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OCWFED.com Exclusive: P3 Bonanza to Resume Production

Drago Cesar

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OCWFed management recently sat down with P3 Bonanza host Mugen to discuss the future of the iconic show. Following the OCW 18 Year Anniversary show, Drago Cesar was expelled from the group and the variety show. Mugen cited “creative differences” and wished “that dummy good luck in his future endeavors - SIKE”.


The program will return at RIOT 600 sans The World’s Greatest Hunter. Instead, a new co-host will be introduced every episode to fill in the gap. The show will also see its first format change, focusing more on “wrasslin’ journalism”. When asked about how Drago’s firing will affect the Human Resources department, he replied:


“Empress has cultivated an amazing work culture here at OCW HQ, trimming the fat and freeing our department of old Eastern European dinosaurs who think they’re more important than they actually are to this company. Our streamlining efforts will allow us to be more efficient than ever.”


When pressed further on the hypocrisy of referring to his fellow Hall of Famer as an “old dinosaur” given his age, he grumbled and stormed off.


Drago Cesar could not be reached for comment.

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