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Two OCW Wrestlers Arrested

Tre Golden

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WhereCulture Exclusive:


Breaking news this morning, our sources have confirmed that two of the Wolves of Vanguard, Tre Golden and Darryl Webster are in custody after a Brawl in a Las Vegas nightclub.


At approximately 1:30 am PST, a Brawl broke out as a group of bikers didn't take kindly to Webster hitting on a woman accompanying them. They surrounded him and when Tre Golden noticed Chaos ensued.


Speaking with a witness he had this to say.


“It was nuts! The little white guy was kicking everyone in the face like it was a Goddamn Kung fu Movie, and the big guy? Why would you even try to mess with him? Alcohol be crazy man.”


The fight left several of the bikers hospitalized and thousands of dollars worth of property damage. With the most significant being the front window where Tre Golden reportedly punched someone through the glass onto the Las Vegas street.


Stay tuned for more information on this developing situation.

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Alright, between Marisa/Deborah, Nick Peters, and now this?


OCW is going to have to hire a fucking PR Dept. CMON GUYS YOURE EMBARRASSING THE BRAND

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