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OCWFed.Com Exclusive - Post Riot 607 - "A Formal Request"


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Previously recorded after RIOT 607 went off the air.


Sitting in an overly lavish chair is the young lion who was sent crashing through a table earlier in the night. He stretches his neck, clearly still feeling the effects.


The camera pans from him to the other side of an equally lavish desk. Sitting in the chair is the General Manager of OCW, Empress. Standing behind her with his hands clasped together is an unimpressed looking Spider Matsumoto.


EMP: So… What’s your problem? Who even are you?


The Young wrestler in training raises his hand to speak, but is interrupted by the door flying open behind him. He turns as a look of sheer terror falls over his face. The man who caused the pain he is in stands over him and the trainer. Ijitu Quartz looks down at him, still clearly frustrated.


A smile slowly wipes across the face of one half of The Perfect Storm. He peers up from the young man to look across at Empress and especially his former advisor Ryu Matsumoto. Quartz slowly removes his PRISTINE SUNGLASSES.


Quartz: Empress! Spider!


EMP: Well hello, there! You aren’t the beef cake I ordered but mama likey. What brings you to my office today?


Quartz: I have a very specific request. A very special request that only my favorite two general managers can make.


EMP: You’re too kind! And too correct! We are the best, most unbiased options. I’m sure that ole sailor Drago wasn’t willing to hear you out about this request?


EMP: Where are our manners, Spider?! Please, have a seat!


The terrified young boy grows confused and raises his hand to speak once more, but is swiftly snatched up, along with the office chair he’s seated in, and hurled towards the door. He crashes awkwardly and rolls out of the door as Quartz steps to the position the chair was located before.


Quartz: Drago is a madman. He’s still holding a grudge against me after I ended his tag team dreams at Devil’s Night 5 years ago.


Quartz: He’s got it out for me. Surely two reasonable, attractive, brilliant minds can see where I’m coming from here.


The longest reigning OCW World Champion in history slowly leans down to the desk below and rests his palms on it as he smiles back at Empress.


Quartz: Joe Deaver. I want him hand delivered to me. I have been victimized and targeted by that ingrate on your show. You know that better than most, don’t you? I trust you both will make this right.


EMP: Hmmm… This is an interesting proposition. If you’ll excuse us for just a moment…


Empress spins around in her chair as Spider leans in and the two huddle, loudly whispering to one another.


RYU: Why are we whispering like this? I think it's pretty obvious that we stick it to Drago.


EMP: I thought it would make us look more dramatic.


RYU: You’re right. Great call. This is why you’re the best.


EMP: I really am, aren’t I?


The two GMs pop out of the huddle and refocus. EMP nods to Quartz.


EMP: After careful deliberation, I think we can arrange something. You already have a match on Turmoil, so how about this…


EMP: On RIOT 608, 8 days before Summercide, we’ll give you Joe Deaver.


Quartz pushes off of the desk and lets out an exhale.


EMP: ...And you know what? Since you asked so nicely, I’m going to make that match No Holds Barred.


Ijitu Quartz tilts his head and smiles at Empress, putting his hands on his hips.


Quartz: You always know how to cheer me up.


Empress lowers her gaze and bites her lower lip.


EMP: You keep walking around here looking like that. I’ll give you more than just some cheering up.


A quick shake of the brow is accompanied by Quartz flexing his heavies before once again flashing a quick look over to Spider, who smirks back and throws up a double thumbs up. Ijitu turns and opens the door, seeing the young boy still on the other side, writhing in pain.


Quartz steps over the downed prospect who reaches out to EMP as Quartz slams the door behind him.

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