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Turmoil 302: Fall Brawlz


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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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Though I will still read as I do every week, there will be no 'Werdz' this week. Nobody watches it anyways. I see the stats on YT. It's not a complaint. I tried something and like most things in life, it ended up not being worth the effort. Not to say it's gone, just to say it's not happening this week. Thanks to those who were interested. Thanks to those who were not. You both hold value.


From the stream, I loved the Harper/Belle match, Belle's natural progression in her style was jarring considering she's been gone four years, felt like she fell back in with no problem. The two women really battled, being stubborn with their fighting styles and forcing interesting interactions.


Iceman promos continue to be unbelievably hype. I don't think I'm being erratic by saying he'd fire me up even as an actual wrestler.


Marisa and Belle being chased by Val was very entertaining and separated the spookiness from the parrallel House of Faith stuff going on at the same time.


Loved Sue's promo early in the show. Jamie does better with IC dialogue than most.


The entire Empress arc was genius from start to finish. Most importantly over anything else, it was super entertaining and fun. The slow introduction of the security guy at the start to making him feel like someone I should care about by the end was well done. Empress getting stuck also works for the story. The ending of Heather as her driver is nothing but a pure example of why Empress is one of the best OCW has ever had. The injokes about the main event stuff, this is stuff you don't get unless you have someone with means, creativity, and geniune interest in OCW. Empress is IT. She's gotten all her flowers already and I'm just giving her more, so I'll even it out by telling her she can fuck herself.


Mad Dawg vs John Carter was awesome as well, the finish with Samsin was so creative and entertaining. "Creative and entertaining" could be the tagline for the entire show.


Shout out to the universe for continuing to sabotage Deborah/Debbie D segments. At this point it's not a coincidence, it's just fate. That said, I look forward to which of those 5 cunts show up to fight.


I love the AJM/Dragana pairing so much. The style fits AJM so well and I'm here for it.


Solid stuff from JynX and DNS as a whole. Hard to argue or compare their presence thus far. I loved Bash's presence after the match too, showing some in-ring stuff!


The main event was amazing chaos as I wanted it to be. I often want to take risks like this when booking Turmoil but are either turned away by the other staff members or turn myself away not wanting to push that kind of pressure onto other people. I appreciate those involved making this super fun. I saw the 8.5 minute timestamp when Jay and I went to call it and was worried, but it was worth it despite a short length. Just awesome and didn't betray anything anyone was doing.



The final segment had me captivated more than any non-match finale I can think of in recent memory. Aries made an absolute garbage decision at Lution to come back from the dead but the way he's taken it all on the chin and not only stuck around, but KILLED it as a storyteller deserves so much credit. I still want to watch him be set on fire, but even in the Sheldon story I was all in. The Colby stuff to close the segment and my emotions flying around knowing it's not actually Colby (or thinking it's not?) either way. Captivating is the word I want to use. There are worse scenarios for OCW than someone who comes in and puts in this amount of effort and work into making their mistake into a world-title caliber story. Not really sure I give a fuck about your petty "OH BUT HE UPSET ME IN 2009" nonsense. Lou's killing it and is good for OCW. That's what matters the most.


I look forward to reading the werds this weekend.



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