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Surprise VIP to appear at Consequence 2008

Stacy Clark

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To add to the already hyped Consequence 2008, I've received some news that will make Consequence even more of a "must watch". Just earlier today, I have been informed from a source close to OCW Management that a special guest has been invited to Consequence, which takes place tomorrow in Miami, Florida. According to the source, this VIP has a long history with OCW and was flown into Florida just this morning. Rumor has it that the guest has a rocky relationship with OCW Management and it took a fair amount of persuasion to get the VIP to oblige, but an appearance has been officially confirmed.


My source states that "He or she has no intentions of doing too much in the case of affecting the PPV or OCW for that matter, but don't rule anything out".


So fans, keep your eyes peeled tomorrow night, and make sure to catch OCW Consequence 2008, live on Pay Per View!


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Since it's in Miami I'm thinking it'll be Geo but who knows could be Danny :p.



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prolly some emo's and stop replying trips u r dead
 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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it's the Rock ZOMG... Ican't believe it... I'm such a fan... I loved Doom... just loved it... maybe he'll play the guitar for me... the Rock is the greatest...


and if it's Geo I anti-mark... he is no special guest... he's just the first staff officail that I will kick in the head...

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Maybe it's Sideshow to prove this town's only big enough for 1 clown



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mabey its quinn lmao that'll be the day.


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