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Terrorism at L.A.X.

Stacy Clark

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We here OCWFed.net would like to report on the happenings of the OCW Roster, and it’s always unsettling when a superstar misses a PPV whether he was booked to be a part of it or not. And that was the case with Vincent Valmont, but from a faithful fan’s cell phone we were able to document the events which kept Vincent Valmont from making it to the big PPV.


From The view of the camera it can be seen that Vincent Valmont attempts to pass security check in order to get to his flight. When his bag is being checked he is asked to stand over to the side it seems. The Airport security check through his luggage and frantically shout out “BOMB!” at that point everyone gets to the ground but or faithful little future OCW camera man continues filming, and for the first time on the video after everyone has gone silent the ticking of the bomb can be heard. The tick slows until it stops.


The device explodes and people scream frantically, but after a few minutes they realize they aren’t dead but instead confetti can be seen flying through the air, and then a banner saying, “Vinnie boy, your appearance at Consequence is pending, but I’ll see you at Riot and I hope you’ll be grinning!” and unfortunately the young man’s camera phone dies after that. Authorities have reported no charges will be pressed against Mr. Valmont since this was clearly not his doing.


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Damn that's funny, the ironic part not the terrorism part... There's nothing funny about terrorism hahaha (Family Guy joke before ya'll start flaming)

EST. 2006




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