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Crunch Time

Darin Rebel

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**Darin Rebel stands in front of the camera with a determined stare straight into the camera.**



After going through the drug tests and physicals I have been cleared to compete in the OCW. My in-ring debut is soon to come. After all these tests and checks I’m glad to say that all have been passed. It would have been a shame to have come all this way and not be able to compete in the OCW. So soon and very soon I will be in that ring to compete in front of the thousands in person and millions watching around the world.


I have been coming here and saying that I am the best, that I will always be the best and that I will prove it to everyone in the ring. I can already assume that a few or more in the locker room have a grudge against me. I don’t blame them for that. I was simply trying to get myself recognized and standout here in OCW. It may have not of been the best choice. So, like everyone else, I will just work in the ring and show you all what I can do.


No one has been convinced in the last couple of weeks that Darin Rebel is the best technical wrestler alive today. I can understand that is hard to believe seeing as I’m only 18. As a competitor I will work my ass of to show you that I can be the best. I believe that if I can work harder than anyone here, I will be the best. One day I will make my mark in OCW. One day you will all remember Darin Rebel for something. Good or bad I will be remembered.


I’d like to apologize to the ones that I disrespected unknowingly. It was stupid of me to place myself in front of the legends here in OCW without even competing in a match. All I can do is go down the road that they did. Try and work my way up to the top. So now its crunch time. Where words can become reality or stupidity. It’s time to go to work.

**The camera fades to the still determined stare of Darin Rebel**




OOC: Kinda short I know. Hopefully this one is a little better with less arrogance. I tried to make it not seem like previous RP's. Let me know what you guys think. Open to all comments and help.

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