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Smythe and Versus offically on non-speaking terms

Stacy Clark

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With the happenings of Riot including Versus and Josiah Cross. OCW insider has confirmed the rumor that Bloodline bosses Versus and Smythe DaWonder are definetly on non-speaking terms.


Versus was maliciously attacked by Cross after his match with K Deangelo and with Smythe being nowhere to be found we wondered if the two had problems. I has been confirmed that since the King of OCW final the two have not spoken or been in the same room at all. The rest of the Bloodline members have said that there is a line being drawn and it might get ugly.


With the combined short fuse of both men, people are surprised that it hasn't exploded into all out war already. But something serious may be brewing and the Bloodline as a faction might take the fall because of it.


While we couldn't contact Versus for a comment, Smythe assured us and the fans that he will spead some insight on this on Turmoil this tuesday as well as announce his plans for Summercide.


Do not miss Tuesday night Turmoil.

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I'm sure Poe can ease the tension by showing you a magic trick.


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