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The New Beginning ...

Chris Ryder

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The camera fades in on the orange glow of a sunset, shining over what appears to be a Hospital, the sound of Sirens can be heard, cars driving, beeping in traffic. The breeze of the wind can be heard while a bird flies past the Camera. Suddenly, the sounds fade.


"I sit and I wonder, have I done enough to wake a beast from it's slumber? Probably not, this is far from an awoken beast, raging and taking revenge out on his enemy, this is hardly what you call a fued for the ages, this is nothing more than fuel for the flame that no longer burns ... "


The camera shot fades into another shot, of a man stood inside a bathroom inside the Hospital, his head is in the sink, the man is splashing water over his face, he lifts up his head, but it's still too difficult to see the man, as the light in the bathroom is off, all that can be seen is his figure, standing there, staring in what is believed to be a mirror, you can't really tell from this angle.


The narration continues, as the man shuts the door on the Camera and the scene fades back outside, only this time, on another part of the Hospital.


"But soon it will re-kindle, soon it will burn brighter than it ever had in the past, like the days I said "I will not sit here, I will not let myself be taken in by failure, I will stand, I will fight for my respect" respect I treasured, but soon negleted"


"I sat down and I thought "What happened to me? Have I really changed this much?" These thoughts haunted me, for the next few months, it was always there, no matter what I was doing, always there, ALWAYS!"




"Over and over again, until finally, one day, as a stroke of luck, one man walked upto me with such anger in his heart, looked me dead in the eye, that's when I saw something, sheer hatred, hatred toward anyone who got in his way, this man didn't care who he picked a fight with, as long as he got one. Then, it hit me"


"I was looking at my future"


The camera fades back inside the Hospital, we see a person (most likely the same man from before) he is sitting on a bed, with his head down, deep in thought. He looks up and out of the window in front of him, the sunset glares through the window, the person is still unidentifiable, due to the darkness of the room the man is in.


"Soon, I would become what I always fought against, greed ... anger ... hate towards all those I cared about ... NO! I will NOT let this happen, I will not be changed, I will be the man I set out to be, a man who earned his living and earned it the right way. This world will not change me ... "


Suddenly, the person in the dark room stands up, and quickly makes his way off-screen, we cut outside once more, this time to the Entrance of the Hospital, we see a man from the back, walk out through the Hospital door, as he steps out into the light, we see his hair shine blonde as it glimmers off onto the Camera.


"As long as I stick to my roots ... "


The man gets in a Cab parked up in front of the Entrance, the car drives off-screen as the screen fades to black.


"Sunday will be the new beginning, but it will also be his end ..."

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such a great talent.

Truly a great piece of art.


Keep on the good work.. infidel


Anyone else thinks Kavito should dress up like a dead terrorist and have this catchphrase: SILENCE!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!


Good rp! Ryder!

2k8? I havent figured out 2k7 yet - Big Joe D


I am the First Dutch EX-Champion - The Air

I am the First European EX-Champion - The Air

I am the First True EX-Champion - The Air

Delusional? Not at all! I Speak the Truth, cause I can proof it and the others can't. Those Heavy !@#$%^&& ain't got none on me.

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