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Dr BlueEye: Part 1


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“My name is Stacey Clarke and I am here live for OCW 24/7 Online… Or as we prefer to call it O2O!!! And today I am taking a little time out from my busy schedule to talk to some of the up-coming talent that OCW has in development!

Starting with one of our most elusive signings, a man that hasn’t been seen… in fact his manager has been seen more then him, and today, for one day only we get to follow the self proclaimed future hall of famer Jason Tanner, or as we will soon know him JTS!!!!”

Stacy stands in front of a camera in the middle of New York City, people walk past her, and look as she holds the novelty sized OCW microphone, she smiles and waits, looking around until Jason Tanner finally steps in front of the camera.

Jason (grinning): And now OCW you get your first look at the future of the Wrestling Industry, at the next king of the mountain, at none other then JTS!

He smiles broadly and hugs a slightly shocked Stacey, before then calling for a bottle of water and burping.

JTS: So now that’s wrapped up how about you come and ride the JTS express straight to heaven?

Stacey (looking a the camera): Uh Jason we’re live on air streaming to fans, and they just heard that.

Jason looks at the camera. “Oh”

Stacey: Why don’t we show them the walk around we recorded earlier today?

Jason: How about we just ask some questions to me instead? No need to show that! It doesn’t matter…

Stacey (smiling): No, No Jason, we got a nice little video to show the fans!

Jason throws his bottle of water in a huff, and walks off as the camera cuts to an office and shows a man sitting in a chair wearing a suit and reading from a manuscript.

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