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Matt Baker arrives!

Matt Vazquez

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*The scene opens with Stacy Clark in front of a OCW training facility*


Stacy Clark- Hi OCW.com fans im Stacy Clark here in front of the OCW training facility to talk to a new up and coming young man Matt Baker. Lets head on in and try to catch a bit of his training.


*Stacy and the crew walk into to the private facility of the OCW to see him training with his brother.*


Stacy Clark- As you can see behind me Matt Baker is training hard as he is training in his favorite extreme....


*As Stacy says that Matt Baker hits his sparing partner with a cookie sheet. Baker then hits him with the ace of spades as the sparring referee counts to three.*


Stacy Clark- Mr. Baker may we please interview you for OCW.com


*As Stacy waves Baker over he grabs a towel and walks to the bench as he drops his cookie sheet were they sit.*


Matt Baker- Sure you can Ms.Clark how can I say no to you.


Stacy Clark- Thank you Matt, I just want to let the viewers of OCW.com know what type of talent our great company is still producing to this day. Please tell me about yourself, and when should we be seeing you in an OCW ring.


Matt Baker- Well I appreciate being talked about in such high regards but I must say that there are plenty of talent out there im just another journeyman. But as for me im just here to do what ive loved my whole life. My passion, my soul, my reason for living all come from wrestling. The dream I had set to one day set foot in a pro-wrestling ring is now going to come true with the best wrestling business to ever stand. I am just truly happy that Mr.Sensation is giving me a chance.


Stacy Clark- When you do finally get to step foot in that ring what do you plan on trying to accomplish, and what are you going to bring to the OCW.


Matt Baker- Well Stacy, when i finally step into the OCW squared circle I plan on giving my heart and soul, my blood sweat and tears for the business, for the ultimate goal of becoming OCW Ex-Division Champion. With me stepping into the OCW the fans are getting a real wrestler, a true passionate wrestler. A EXTREMIST, someone who you can count on will be a great show every time he is in the ring. That Will be me.


Stacy Clark- Well I can tell you I truly cant wait for you to get into that ring and prove to us you can make it. I certainly hope you do.


*At this moment a group of 3 guys come in to start there training and seem pissed at the site of tables and weapons everywhere. The men walk up to Baker and get in his face*


One of the Men- Hey punk what is your name.



Matt Baker- My name is Matt Baker and dont forget it.



One of the Men- Oh yea its Mr. Baker, well let me tell you something BAKER, Clean all this shit up and then you can Bake me and my buddies over here some Cakes and maybe some cookies to. Ok punk YOU HAVE 3 MINUTES.


*Matt Baker Smirks and than looks at the camera, than back at the men.*





*The Men Begin Laughing uncontrollably at Matt, and Matt still has that Sadistic smirk on his face. Baker than grabs a cookie tray that way laying next to the bench and hits the first two guys with it. Than tries to hit the next guy be he ducks. The third guy goes to kick baker but he catches it and hits him with an ACE OF SPADES. Baker than goes in front of the camera.*


Matt Baker- That is what I can bring to OCW!



*Baker than walks away and Stacy begins to speak*



Stacy Clark- Well there you have it, there goes a young up and comer to OCW and I cant wait to have him here at OCW. So for OCW.com im Stacy Clark Signing off thank you and tune back in next time.


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please tell me you didn;t just type that!!!!

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