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O.W.N Returns to O.C.W

Stacy Clark

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There was a time when every OCW superstar had hopes of, one day, gracing the cover of O.W.N magazine - joining such names as Jaysin Sensation, RD Money, Karim, DJ Chino and Mayhem.


Along with having your image, smack-dab, on the cover for all to see and envy, it allowed superstars a chance to reveal who they were. No cameras, no pyro, no live crowd to entertain; just a one-on-one interview where you can introduce yourself, or re-introduce yourself, in some cases.


It has been 2.5 years since the last issue of O.W.N was released, but we've received word that it will be back in publication for the 2009 season. We caught up with the current CEO, Damian Alexander (known as DA) and asked him what we could expect from Online Wrestling News, this time around.


DA - "Well... I don't want to reveal too much. I want it to be a little bit of a surprise, as hard as that may be to pull of these days. I will say that our first issue is ready to go and will ship in early January."


S. Clark - "Can you tell us who will be on the cover?"


DA - "You'll have to wait for that, but I will say that he/she dawned a custom, tailored suit for the shoot [chuckles]... and we needed special lenses just to pick up the image."


S. Clark - "Anything else you'd be willing to give us an exclusive on? Come on, Mr. Alexander, it's only a matter of time before someone leaks the information... might as well leak it on me... wait, that didn't come out right."


DA - "I'm no R. Kelly, but I'll do my best [laughs]. One of the problems we had with the last issue of O.W.N was the amount of content. We had so many segments that no one really seemed to care about, but it wasted allot of time to put together. This time around, we'll start small and build from there; based on reader reactions."


S. Clark - "So can we expect a massive overhaul?"


DA - "Quite the opposite. It's a little less flashy and more streamlined. Our first issue of 2009 will have 4 segments: 'Digital Diva', 'CosTraumaPlay', 'WHAT?' and one interview."


S. Clark - "I remember 'Digital Diva', but the other segments sound new to me."


DA - "Yes, the 'CosTraumaPlay' segment is one, I believe, will either have people laughing the milk right out their noses or cause their food to exit another bodily opening. Should be interesting.


The 'WHAT?' segment is a twist on another idea we had in the past, which requires some participation from the reader. It didn't do so well the first time we tried it, but we felt it deserved a second chance. If it doesn't work out this time, we have plenty of other ideas that can take it's place."


S. Clark - "You didn't mention one of your most popular segments: 'Ratings War'. Now that there are only two shows a week (Asylum having been canceled) do you not see the need for this segment any longer?"


DA - "Somewhat; but not it's a shady area. Back in the day, GM's were very competitive and made no attempts to hide their animosity towards rival shows. Also, back then, there were only three major competitors: RIOT, Animosity and Asylum (mainly for rookies / developing).


When CCW came to be, the amount of shows per week was ridiculous. People were overexposed and eventually only the strong survived: Of course, I'm talking about Turmoil and RIOT (still the flagship show for OCW).


RIOT will always be the show to beat, but I don't see the same fire from the GM's that I once did. Not to mention, both shows appear to share the same talent, so you can't have a war where the soldiers fight on both sides.


It would be up to the GM's, alone, to fight this war of ratings... based on the cards they put on the table and so on. No longer would they be able to rely on brand-specific-talent to wave their banners and 'represent' their show.


I'd love to restart the 'Ratings War' segment, but at this rate, I'd have to call it the 'Ratings Warm n' Fuzzy', because no one is really at war... which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you ask me."


S. Clark - "I won't ask you, if that's alright. But I will ask what other segment ideas you have in mind for later issues."


DA - "Man... you're juicing me dry here, Ms. Clark. Well... along with interviews for the cover page holder, we may do a secondary interview, if the month was chalk-full of worthy stories, but I make no promises.


Also, there may be a segment for the best matches or moments of that month. Perhaps a segment for quotes as well... but I really must be going."


There you have it, folks. OCW is about to get O.W.Ned once again, starting in early January, 2009. So get your hair did and lose those love-handles, because you just may find your ass on the cover of Online Wrestling News.


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I really need to go back into the habit of hitting the news page 1st. instead of just assuming everything is in the D.C. I guess I got used to folks being apathetic. Anyhow I knew this was coming, and I am very happy to see it return. These are always well done. I still remember the colume with the Wrestling GOD. Or Super Diety looked like Apocaylspe but you get the idea.


Love these <3

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Good News that I've been waiting for here in OCW for awhile. I'm waiting on one more peice to return or be "Brand New" then we'll be cookin'. I will say the '09 season looks good on paper. I just hope you guys on the active list take advantage, get a little hungry, and seperate yourself from the pack this year. Once again... Good news on the return.


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