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Immediately following Turmoil

Nathan Gaines

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As Gaines is in the trainer's room after the match, the doctor is attending to his back after the rough match with Nate Ortiz. Gaines grimaces in pain as the doctor pushes down around Nathan's spine. All of a sudden Deano walks into the room to check on Gaines


Deano: How's the old man doin?


Doctor: Well he's definitely showing his age


Gaines: First off I think he was talkin to me doc, and secondly I'm not old.


Deano: Hey I'm off to the showers, but I wanted to thank ya for stepping up there.


Gaines: Deano you just got out of the shower.


Deano: Never said I was going back in to clean off


Gaines: I'll see ya back at the hotel


Deano: Take care of him doc


Deano takes off towards the door as the doctor continues treatment on Gaines' back


Doctor: Alright Nathan, stay here I'm going to get the ultrasound to try and ease the tension around the spine.


As the doctor leaves the room Nathan spins around, and sits up on the table. He looks out towards the door and then stands up from the table and heads over to the medicine cabinet. Nathan begins to search for pain killers as the lights begin to flicker. Nathan comes to a dead stop and looks up with a concerned amazed look on his face. All of a sudden the light above the medicine cabinet goes on as the darkness in the room is illuminated in front of the cabinet showing Nathan Gaines


???: Now this is a picture to keep in memory, the great Nathaniel Gaines standing here stealing pain killers to prolong his career. You’re only a replica of what you once were.


Gaines: Who's there


???: Nathaniel you know who I am. I'm that voice inside your head, the darkness that you constantly try to suppress. The world you base yourself around, is all a lie. I'm here to show you…


Gaines: Show me? Show me what!


????: Show you that you're just like me. It might not be there on the outside because of the illusion you create to hide your demons from your family, friends and the circle that follows you, but it is there deep inside your soul. You are what I spurn of the most.


Gaines has a look of confusion on his face as the person continues to speak


????: The verity is in front of you but you have yet to embrace it. You are afraid that in doing so the people around you will see who you really are. I will bring to fruition that reality and force you to embrace it. I will exonerate you. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. [John 8:32]”


Just then the lights flicker again and go back on. Nathan who is still confused, is still standing in front of the cabinet with the pain killers in his hand as the doctor walks in. The doctor stares down at Gaines who looks at the pain killers in his hand and just shakes his head, as the scene fades out

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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