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OCW:Burning Bright

Stacy Clark

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It was hard to miss the intense glow outside the hospital window after my check up. Still aching from the LKO I wandered outside to the scene along with many other common bystanders. I felt like a victim of 9/11 as I watched a skyscraper burned. The Fire Department arrived and salvaged the building before it collapsed. When the dust settled I remembered where I was. Phoenix Industries, created by AJ Phoenix yet owned by Chris Mania.


The Fire Department declared it an electrical fire, but that it would remain under investigation. They also reported that no one was hurt because an alert security guard evacuated the building as soon as it started. All witnesses described him the same way: A Scarred Savior. All witnesses also never remembered seeing him before.


One hysterical secretary began claiming it was fraud and I quote, "Mr. Mania recently had his insurance policy made premium and switched his connected bank account. He risked all our lives for a pay day!" It should suprise no one that his insurance agency just a few blocks away also declared the fire under investigation. If the fire is determined intentional and not an accident OCW Superstar Chris Mania may be charged with fraud.

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Electrical? It cant be Mania then, he lives in Wales, the only fire there is camp fires......


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'Don't worry about no one else, hows my hair look' - Tiberius Dupree

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