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My Terminal Romance

Wesley Adams Poe

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*The scene opens up at an airport and a woman toting a lot of bags most of them heavier than any normal woman can handle, but with a closer look its revealed this is no normal woman, its Rachel Chambers. After realizing she finally reached her gate she lets go of her suitcases, gently tussles her hair, and adjusted her celebrity-chic sunglasses that cover half her face.*


*She checks in and looks around for a seat while she waits to board her flight that’s headed to Orlando, Florida. As she glances around she notices a barely familiar face. After he drops his book laughing almost hysterically she is certain of his identity. She struts over and places herself in the seat next to him.*


Rachel: Poe! Long time no see handsome.


*Poe looks up from his book his hair pulled back in a ponytail displaying his whole face and in all it’s disfiguring glory.*


Poe: I haven’t been called that in a very long time.


Rachel: Well that’s criminal.


Poe: Not anymore Rach’. Scar’s aren’t classically attractive, not with all these pretty…questionable…Hollywood actor running around. One even joined OCW and began kissing boys.


Rachel: Didn’t you-




Rachel *giggling continues*: Right, well I think they make you looked distinguished. They tell your story.


Poe: Really now? Does it include the part where I’d never join the bloodline ever again?


Rachel: Sure?


Poe: Isn’t that why you’re here?


Rachel: No, I’m here for the flight to Orlando.


Poe: Well yeah, but isn’t that why you’re talking to me? To get me back in the Bloodline? I mean with this impending faction war which is pretty much eminent, the Bloodline needs a stacked deck.


Rachel: Poe, I left the Bloodline not too long after your disappearance. With Sasha and Tiffany around there was just-


Both: Too much estrogen in the war room.


*They both chuckle.*


Poe: I figured that’s what would have happened after I left.


Rachel: Yeah, so where’d you go?


Poe: It’s nothing.


Rachel: Poe, you can’t steal a kiss from a girl and not owe her something, pay me back.


Poe: I thought it would have been worse to offer you cash…


Rachel: No idiot. I mean pay me back!


Poe: With what?


Rachel: Your trust! Did you really think I meant cash? You’re such a jo…comedian.


*Rachel bats her eyelashes and smirks, Poe smiles back and reluctantly begins the tale.*


Poe: Well, back before OCW I did MMA, I still got to fight but I had enough time between each fight to be at home too. My girlfriend at the time was pregnant. With the baby on the way we needed more cash. That’s when I signed up for OCW. With OCW however, obviously I’m on the road all the time week in week out. She began complaining that I wasn’t home. My daughter was born, however her mother dumped me and decided to get with the CEO of the MMA Corporation I fought for. I Hate CEOs.


Rachel: Oh so that’s why you…okay I get it continue I’m sorry.


Poe: When the first day I left I was just going to a court case to set up custody. Long story short, The Judge ruled I was my schedule was overbooked for a daughter, and that with such a successful man in her mother’s life and eventually hers, If I didn’t quit OCW, I could only be granted monthly visits, with a child support settlement that was higher than any salary my girl…ex-girlfriend ever made. With a recess, I debated over the Idea of quitting OCW, I only did it for the money in the first place, but then I realized I loved it, more than I ever loved my ex-girlfriend so I just couldn’t.


Rachel: So you get to see her every month?


Poe: No there’s more. See when my daughter was born, I wasn’t there…I never signed the birth certificate. During the recess which was 3 days long. My ex and the CEO went and he adopted my daughter. The Judge re-ruled and I have no custody over my daughter. I don’t have to pay child support, but I’d pay anything to have my daughter back…and I lost it, I lost it all.


Rachel: Wow, um I don’t really know what to say…


Poe: Don’t worry about, life lessons right, some of us are meant to be alone.


Rachel: You’re not one of those people Poe.


Poe: Right, I just go insane, paint myself up and wreak havoc on people, altering their perceptions and making them “Freaks like me.”


Rachel: You’re not a freak, and you’re not alone, you got me.


Poe: Whoa…I am trying to make progress, but I didn’t need any of my past coming back in my life it’s hard enough.


Rachel: Exactly why you need me, I’m, how would you say it? I’m reinventing myself, with all these common heels a girl like me would get put on the shelf.


Poe: That was a horrible rhyme…


Rachel: I know! See I need you too.


Poe: My problem goes a little deeper than that Rach’


Rachel: I know and that’s why you need help, someone to keep an eye on you, you know how many times you’re gonna be tempted to regress? How many things that are gonna make you angry? Honestly I don’t like you when you’re angry.


Poe: I never became the Hulk Rach’.


Rachel: I know but that’s not what I’m getting at. Even though you were crazy, you were the person I was closest to in the Bloodline, the only one who didn’t disrespect me, and at least recognized my presence. I know inside you’re a much better person than you let on, even though you’re showing it a lot better now. The fact is, I don’t want you to forget that.


Airport Intercom: NOW BOARDING FLIGHT 6-66 from Nashville, TN to Orlando, FL.


Poe: Why would they even number a plane like that?


Rachel *laughs*: I have no idea; if you want you can sit with me while I pray.


Poe: Rachel…


Rachel: I know, but still you should sit with me, this will be the first obstacle we get through together.


*Poe stands up and puts his book in his bag, he then throws it over his shoulder and grabs hold of Rachel’s two suitcases.*


Poe: Hopefully not the last.


*Rachel smirks and flips her hair. The two walk through the gate to board the plane and the scene fades.*


2009 Season:

Singles Record:3/2/0

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Gimmick Matches:Trip.Threats:0/1/0

Championship Matches:


Career Achievements:

Dual Champ.

Best Feud Nomination in 2008

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