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RIOT RP (#1 for show it seems)

Jacob Trance

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As the opening credits for Riot come to a close, the next block buster edition of RIOT is almost about to air, but instead, we are greeted with the not so eagerly anticipated face of Jacob Trance. Who, if you may remember, has not been seen since his Last Man Standing match.


Jacob Trance: "You're probably wondering what's going on, so I'll tell you. In a bid to boost ratings our suicidal boss decided it would be a good idea to cancel matches and bring to you a bunch of boring superstars that cannot string together a coherent sentence, embarassing themselves as they try to entertain you by way of mouth."


Trance spits on the ground, as if disgusted by such a travesty.


Jacob Trance: "Which is why I am here to save you from such stupid ideas, and most important of all this "EX-revival" that some Chuck Norris wannabe and his friend Evan Knox, who by the way had to hit me with everything he had just to keep me down for a nine count, and then use tranquilisers on me to win. You see, these two men represent everything that is wrong with OCW, they are a poison, they are an impurity in this company. However, I single handedly killed the EX division, even though the belt was rescued from the depths, management saw fit to "retire" the title before I, Jacob Trance, finished it off. This brings me to September to Remember, this will be the pay per view where you will see Evan Knox..."


Trance looks at the ground as if he's going to throw up.


Jacob Trance: "And the Air, take on the tag team of Jacob Trance, and the white devil, the runaway sensation, Aries... I can guarentee blood, pain and the end... of Evan Knox and the end of the Air..."


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Nice to see somebody go first with this, hopefully a lot more are coming and this won't just be blown off. Nice little RP here, gets the point across, and moves things one step forward with you and the Ex effect. We'll see if the ex effect has what it takes to beat the 'undisputed tag team champions' at the ppv.




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