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captain's log ...... (couldnt think of a better title)

Chris Baxter

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-Scene opens as Baxter is in the Captains quarters of the ship, loot from all the years of adventure and wrestling can be seen. He calmly invites Miss Chloe Taylor to take a seat. Baxter is calmly whittling away at a piece of wood-


Taylor: Mr. Baxter??


Baxter: That’s CAPTAIN Baxter to you miss


Taylor: as you wish “Captain” but everyone's still puzzled on why you chose to align yourself with The Bloodline.


Baxter: -calmly speaks as he continues to whittle- As I said, I wanted change in my life; I wanted to step out of the low card and actually do something with my Career .. and turning on Xcalibur was just my way of telling these landlubbers I'm sick of being a joke. speaking of Xcalibur, I heard hes residing in Davey Jones’ Locker for his mutinous ways, I find it ironic how he preached about honor and class, yet he had none himself.


Taylor: So what do you have planned since your rival has been taken out from OCW


Baxter: my plans will take time to come together.. but I will bide my time till the most opportune moment. I am a man of patience my dear, you and this fans alike must do the same. –whittles more vigorously- now I must ask you to leave –draws sword and points it at Chloe- I would advise you to acquiesce my request.


-Chloe Taylor leaves as Baxter is seen finishing up his project. It appears to be in the shape of an OCW superstar, scene fades to black as Baxter is looking at his wooden figure laughing-

ᛨ ꖾᚣᛠᛊ ᚴᛜᏌ ᛕᚣᛢᛢ

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