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A Sexy Vacation

Nathan Gaines

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**The Scene opens up with Deano Horse and Nathan Gaines sitting on two lounge chairs on a tropical island. The sun is setting and and the waves are crashing down and overall it is a very nice romantic setting. As the camera comes around we see Nathan drinking a nice cold Corona and Deano drinking a pink pina colada with a a fancy umbrella. Both men put their drinks down and we see Deano slowly move his hand towards Nathan's dangling hand. All of a sudden Deano grabs on to it**


Deano{Whispering}: I love you!!


Nathan: What the hell did you say?


Deano: Ahh I said Olive Juice this drink needs more Olive Juice


Nathan: You said I love you. How many times do I have to tell you I need to be at least 13 deep and be extremely lonely


Deano: Ya you're right I just thought it was the right moment.


Nathan: I hate you


Deano: So I never got to tell you my story about the night before we left St. Thomas. So I"m in the luxuary suite with Maya


Nathan: The one who said she had a third nipple?


Deano: Yeah, for the majority of her story I thought she was gonna say something a little more intersting. Anyways so we're in the suite and I'm kissin her lips


Nathan: Isn't that a little.....elementary for you?


Deano: I'm not talkin about the lips on her face. I'm talkin about the lips in her pants. Anyways after taking a slice of pie, I'm gettin ready to let her cowgirl up on the stallion when all of a sudden I look down and I become mesmorized.


Nathan: What disease do you have now, because I swear to god if that drunken kiss you laid on me last night passed anything to me I'm gonna...


Deano: First of all the doctor said that the itchiness and burning would go away eventually and do not devalue that kiss it meant something. Anyways I was looking down and I realized I have a extremely well crafted penis. I mean I've seen yours and I always thought, it was so-so. I'm not saying you're horrible but I can understand why Jeni is always beggin me to "come over".


Nathan: Why am I friends with you?


Deano: I mean I always was impressed with the gloying Halo that in cased Nate Ortiz's Baby supplier, but I'm telling ya God blessed me for a reason. I've decided that it's my life's calling to please as many woman as possible. It's my Holy Duty.


**As the two men keep talking we see a hoard of women approaching them. They seem star struck and in awe. All the women seem extremely attractive and very scantly dressed.**


Nathan: Now can we still call ourselves OCW Superstars even though we haven't wrestled in a year?


Deano: I don't seem why not I mean you need all the help you can get


Nathan: You ready to perform your holy duty? Because I'm ready to lay the sermon


Nathan: Hey ladies welcome to the S.E.X Tour


**The Scene fades to black as we hear the women giggling and laughing as they interact with the OCW Superstars**

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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