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Blast from the past part III


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*Scene opens with Billy stood outside his doctor's office,Billy kncocks on the door then enters*


Billy-Hey doc....


Doctor-Oh, afternoon Par...er...William..you startled me *she quickly grabs something off the table and puts it into her top draw*


Billy-Yeah, sorry I'm a little early but I really, really need need to talk, and I need someone to listen.


Doctor-Sure, ok then have a seat..what seems to be the problem?


*Billy takes a seat andgives out a large sigh*


Billy-I think something is wrong with me doc, I'm sleeping way too much recently, and things are 'happening' when I'm asleep....


Doctor-Please elaborate.


Billy-Well, I feel so groggy when I wake up and one time this week I had black facepaint all over my face, and I have no idea how it got there.....


Doctor-Hmmm..ok..anything else?


Billy-I keep hearing voices, and I've had gifts delivered to me also.


Doctor-Interesting..what were the gifts?


Billy-It concerned the 'person' we talked about..you know....'him'.


Doctor-Ok, and how do you feel about that?


Billy-To be honest doc,I'm cracking up, I was a bad person then, I did some bad things, some REAL bad things...I've been trying to forget, but I'm really freaked out...


Doctor-Before we go any further,I want you to take a look at this.


*She gets up from her desk and walks over to a cabinet at the back of the room, the retrieves a portable dvd player and places it on Billys' lap, then goes and sits on the fron of her desk*


Doctor-Please William, press play.


Doctor-Well..what do you think?


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlSYoXZWm38]YouTube - Remember[/ame]


*Billy looks at the doctor, then back at the screen*


Billy-IT'S YOU!...What the hell! I'll kill you!


*Suddenly Billy throws the dvd player to the floor,leaps from his seat and grabs the doctor by the throat and pins her down on her desk*


Doctor-Willi *cough* your....choking....me....


Billy-Why are you doing this? You know what happens when he is around!!


*Billy squeezes harder and the doctors' face gets redder and redder*




*Billy lets go of her throat*


Billy-You better talk....quickly....and this better be good!


Doctor-*clears her throat as she massages her neck*..It's not me, I assure you...I might have an idea, but even if I knew I couldn't tell you....


Billy-Why the hell not?


Doctor-Patient/doctor confidentiality.


Billy-Are you kidding me! This is to much....I'm slowly losing control...he's getting stronger and stronger in my head.....


*Billy clasps his face with his hands*


Billy-How did you get this tape?...and I want the truth.


Doctor-It was on my desk when I arrived for work this morning, in a gift wrapped box with 'Remember....Billy' written all over it in blood.


Billy-I can't handle this, I'm outta here...I gotta get my head straight.


*Billy turns round and heads fot the door, he stamps on the dvd player smashing it to pieces as he passes*


*The doctor slowly heads and shuts the door after carefully checking Billy has left, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out her cell phone, she begins to dial*


Doctor-Yeah it's me...it worked,he snapped like you said, he almost went too far...everything is going according to plan...it's not going to take much more....


*The scene fades as she hangs up her cell phone*


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Everyone take note because this is the effect that having a successful character and persona can have. You go away from it for a little bit and it leaves people craving for more. Sucks to be anyone competing when Parker returns .....mwuahahhahaha

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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You can never trust them chickens. Got Billy goin' loco and zappin' out. I wonder who she talkin' to plottin' on ole Billy-bob? I marked!


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