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The final blast?


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*The scene opens in Billy's apartment, he can be seen dialling on his cell phone, whilst pacing around in circles muttering under his breath*


Billy-Pick up god dam it....


Billy-Pick up...pick up...pick up!


Voice-Hello Parker.


Billy-Enough of this crap doctor..do you know what he has done? How did he get a key to my apartment??? Answer me!!


Doctor-This is for your own benefit Parker, he sho..




Doctor-The past has to be unlocked for the future to be re-written.


Billy-He's wrapped ALL my furniture in barbed wire! And written all over my walls in blood for god sake!


Doctor-He has told me it's time for you to speak to him..


Billy-I'm going to do more than 'speak' to him..


Doctor-Careful there, he isn't like most other people..I have the strangest feeling he would enjoy it.


Billy-I want to speak to him....NOW!


Doctor-Not now..tonight...20.00pm..meet me at the old burned out apartment block, downtown...on the corner of Ciscero.


Billy-Ok..this has to end..one way or another..tonight.


*Billy hangs up the phone..he spends the next few hours alone in his apartment, going over the event of the last few weeks, looking at all his old wrestling memerobilia..thinking of all the things he has done*


*The time is 19.59pm, Billy is outside the arranged meeting point when his cell phone rings*




Doctor-Come inside....come all the way up to the top floor...use the stairs.


*Billy walks inside, after about 10 minutes of climbing stairs, he enters a room to see the doctor standing infront of a black door*


Billy-Is he in there? He is isn't he..get out of my way!


Doctor-Not so fast Parker, he isn't here..there are camera's in there,so he will be able to see you,he will be in contact shortly.....here..take this pill.


*She hands Billy a small red pill*


Billy-Why? What is it?


Doctor-Let's just say, it will help 'free your mind'...


Billy-I'll do it just to get this over with...*Billy pops the pill into his mouth and swallows it*


Doctor-Through that door, lies that which you fear most.


Doctor-Now we wait......


*After about 10 minutes of silence, Billy's cell rings, slowly,Billy raises the phone, and flips it open*


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Great series of roleplays Park, I've actually really enjoyed these whilst I've been having shits over the past couple of days, thank you. All the written parts have been fanstastic and all of the videos have been well done. For a reason I can't explain I'm not a fan of cut and shut video RPs but yours have been very well done and it's obviously been time consuming!


I'm glad you've come back as the hardcore Prince, you were a really shit and ugly Deano. Nice RPs, you're still a cunt.


The DeanoHomo Club


Kip Conrad

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