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A former champion speaks...

Vincent Valmont

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Stacey: I'm sorry for the inconvenience that my camera crew is giving you. We should be almost ready to go for this interview, Mr. Valmont.


Valmont: I would hope so... I have alot to get off my chest. So let's get this rollin.


The camera fades to show Stacey Clark, and Vincent Valmont both sitting across from each other on stools inside an empty ring. Vincent dressed in an all black suit, shades, and rolex. The camera crew finishes up their work as they give the signal that everything is ready as Stacey nods.


Stacey: I appreciate you accepting my request for an interview that will air at OCWFED.NET, and after several failed attempts at reaching you for comment since the last time you appeared on Riot, but may I ask why are we inside an empty Riot arena, inside this empty ring, and here in the Neverlands of all places on a Friday morning?

An intimidating stare is given by Vincent towards Stacey, making her feel uneasy as it shows in her facial expression before releasing his trademark devilish smirk of his.


Valmont: This isn't just any empty arena, or empty ring.... this is also the same exact ring where I was screwed out of my OCW World Title by Leonheart, and that bitch, Alex Robinson. Your probably asking yourself, but why here, Vincent? Why keep dwelling on the past instead of moving toward the future... well you can't have a future without having a past, and let me tell you something... I could sit here right now, across from you, and be satisfied with my title on my shoulder, but instead I learned a valuable lesson.


Stacey: A valuable lesson?

Valmont: I learned that being a 'hero' gets you exactly nowhere in this business. Other than these confused fans, and yes I mean it when I say confused, and i'll explain why... besides getting cheered it doesn't take you places. The fans don't control the bookings for OCW, nor do they pay my bills, take care of my family, and certainly they don't give you OCW World title shots... instead these fans cheer you when your on the top, but they'll let you fade away when you fall to the bottom.


Stacey: Could it be because of the controversial ways you've taken to reach the top this year?

Valmont: Controversial? Name one hall of famer that hasn't done anything 'controversial'. These same hall of famers that have done more controversial moments in OCW history, but if any of those hall of famers returned today they'll just get cheered.


Stacey: Maybe so, but they're hall of famers, these fans know this, and they pay respect by cheering for them.

Valmont: Where's my respect, damnit!? I'm one of the most underrated, unappreciated, hated on, and underestimated wrestlers to step foot inside an OCW ring. Not my choice, but by default. Big part of that is because at Wrestlution 4 I did what was needed to be done. It was nothing personal against The Steve, but let's face it... no OCW hall of famer is going to let someone beneath them climb the ladder so instead I decided to start climbing whether OCW was ready or not.

Stacey: That 'climbing' was screwing Leonheart out of his OCW title at End Games, but one could only find this ironic that just a few months later, Leonheart screws yourself, and takes back the title.

Valmont: Difference between that is I cashed in my FI so my reason was valid, but I can't say that I was surprised by what happened. Me and Leon are two sides of the same coin. So I actually blame myself for not seeing it coming, but there's always a silver lining to things... after I was screwed out of my title I took time away on vacation to gather my thoughts, and find out who Vincent Valmont really is, and I'm here today to tell you that I finally have fount him because...


2010 will mark the dawn of a new era of things to come for OCW. If you thought I ended 2008 with a bang, and acted 'controversial' this year then you people haven't gotten a clue of what's to come.


Stacey: I can't say I like the sound of that, but 2010 does mark an interesting year for OCW. What will your fans think of this 'new dawning'?


Valmont: Some will still cheer I suppose, others will hate it. Doesn't really matter to me. All that matters now is me... me... me. I dont care anymore about trying to earn you people's respect, and the OCW roster's respect. You'll see... they will all see soon enough. People seemed to forget my past, but no worries because my new 'unremorseful' behavior is the direct result of the fans turning their back on me.

Stacey: I don't know if thats entirely true about the fans, but If you don't mind, Vincent, I do have a few more questions to ask you before we can wrap this interview up.

Valmont: {sighs} Go ahead.


Stacey: OCW has a ppv coming up this sunday, "Certified Greatness". What are your thoughts about having to face Trevor McManus 1on1 in a no holds barred match? It's no secret that both of you have a deep hatred for the other that has been spawning back since you won that title off Leonheart at End Games.


Valmont: I want to make this perfectly clear... if it wasn't for me, Trevor wouldn't know what main event tastes like. If I'm not mistaken back in January I was originally scheduled to face Leoneart for the OCW World Title, and I EARNED that title shot for the year I had in 2008, but the night before I was attacked by Leonheart... so who ends up taking my place because of that? None other than Trevor himself. Let's fast foward this several months down the road...


End Games is here, I became world champion, but a certain someone doesn't like seeing me with the gold around my waist. Perhaps it's because he couldn't win it himself after given a chance? Or could it be because he thinks End Games should have been him, and not me because the fact he couldn't participate in the 2009 FI Ladder match at Wrestlution 4, but instead I sneaked in, and I won it.


Stacey: Well I'm sure he has a different story to tell, but what can you predict that we'll see from this match?


Valmont: I can't really believe staff booked this match, and will allow me to use weapons against Trevor? Either someone doesn't like Trevor as much as I, or they really like their ratings. Let's not forget who has more experience in hardcore matches... I'm not a two time hardcore champion for nothing...


People tend to forget Black Sunday... i'll let that slide, but what I won't let slide anymore is these fools thinking they can continue bad mouthing me, and not get dealt with. I said 2010 will mark the dawn of a new era, and it starts at "Certified Greatness".


Stacey: I see... well I'm sure that the match will be the most anticipated match at the ppv, and will not disappoint, but let's switch subjects. Since all of this talk about the dawn of a new era for 2010, and OCW. Does this mean that we could possibly see the record for longest reigning champ held by Chris Mania, get broken?

Valmont: Anythings possible, but if anything Mania should be thanking me I took the title off Leon's hands at End Games, or Mania would have nothing left to 'milk'.

Stacey: Very interesting, but you didn't answer my question.


Valmont: Technically I did answer your question, but to elaborate some more I guess I can't see anyone other than myself breaking the record because 2010 will be about me... Vincent Valmont. 2008 was my year that I rised, 2009 I further rose, and 2010 I will continue rising until you either see me with a HOF plaque, or a third world title riegn to my credit. Whichever comes first, but both is inevitable. I damn sure don't see Chris Mania giving me a cfc to stop me anytime soon. Just think of Vincent Valmont like the spider... this ring is my web, and this 'lackluster' of a roster will be the prey. Once inside the web, there's no escaping.


Stacey: I guess we'll see if your right about that, but for now I have more questions. What do you think about the current situation of the International Title being vacated?

Valmont: It's tragic because I never got to prove you critics wrong against F---{stacey interrupts}


Stacey: I'm sorry, but we're not allowed to speak of that name.


Valmont: ....Why?

Stacey: Orders handed down from the General manager.


Valmont: Well bottom line... I see a perfect opportunity that needs to be seized. However, my eyes are set on one thing, and one thing only. I'll get my rematch for the world title eventually, but until then I wouldn't mind adding more gold to my legacy.

Stacey: I do agree with the International Title being vacated it opens so many doors, and a big chance for people to step up. Time can only tell who will step up for that International Title, but I'm afraid this is all the time we have for our interview. I can safely say this interview was rather interesting, and goodluck at the ppv.

Valmont: Only luck I'll be needing is whether or not I'll be suspended after the violent message I will be delivering this Sunday. Hell, after this ppv they might just have to make a whole new tv rating because of what I'll do to prove my point to start off the new 2010 season in Valmont fashion.

Camera fades.

OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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Valmont: I want to make this perfectly clear... if it wasn't for me, Trevor wouldn't know what main event tastes like.





2 x Hardcore Champion (Longest defending OCW champ,19 defences)

1 x NA Champion

1 x Pride Champion

1 x TV Champion

2 x OCW World Heavyweight Champion

F.I Winner 2012

MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


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