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New Years Resolutions

Nathan Gaines

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**The Scene opens to the sight of a large Naval Vessel. The large ship is ported and men can be seen loading the contents of the ship up the ramp way and on to the top of the ship itself. Weaving between the large crates and the Airport style hangers the camera comes to the sight of OCW veteran Recon standing at the base of the Naval Carrier. Dressed in full Naval garb, decorated with various past war medals, Recon stands admiring the enormity of the ship itself. Next to him is a roller luggage, and in his hand is a duffle bag that is most certainly packed full. As the camera comes from behind Recon and captures a view from the front, we see the reflection of the ship in Recon's aviatar sunglasses, however, we also see the reflection of another individual coming into view. Recon takes off his sunglasses, puts down his duffle bag and stares at the individual in front of him.**


Recon: Came to say goodbye?


**The camera pans to around to get a side shot of Recon staring at the person who he is engaging in the conversation with. As the shot gets wider we see Nathan Gaines standing before Recon. Gaines is dressed in casual wear; Darkened denim jeans, a white form fitting t-shirt, with a black sports coat over the top. His hair is pulled back into a pony tail, and he is sporting similar sunglasses to that of Recon's**


Gaines: Not exactly


Recon: Well than I'm not sure I really wanna hear what this is all about *chuckling*


Gaines: You remember when had the Christmas party a few weeks back. We had the whole Militia seated around and it was just like the old times.


Recon: One thing I've learned from being in this business so long Nathan is that the most rewarding experience of it all is being able to call people family.


Gaines: Exactly, but you know how Jeni asked if we ever thought about getting back in the ring. Just one more time to feel the electricity of it all to experience everything.


Recon: Yes.......


Gaines: It got me thinking, and as I was driving over here, the whole way I kept thinking why not. Why can't we give it one more run. This time it's not about having anything to prove, because face it you've done it all, and as for me I've accomplished everything I was capable of, but this time why not do things are way.


Recon: I haven't stepped inside of a ring since the last time you and I tore each other's heads off


Gaines: See that's what I'm talking about, we've forged friendship through leaderships, and bonds through battles, why not go back and do things together. Why not wrestle with each other instead of against each other. I'm not talking about bringing back the Militia because that will never happen without Samuel and Matty, but I'm talking about watchin each other's backs, why not bring back a little history to the company we love, the company you helped establish.


Recon: Nathan, as hard as we all try to fight it you can never bring back the past.


Gaines: See that's the last thing I'm trying to do Boss. I'm talking about living in the future. Why can't we sit around telling stories of what we're doing instead of what we did. I'm not trying to proclaim that our return is going to save a company, but with the chaos and confusion that Alex Robinson and Leonheart have created, why not help show the fans that there still are "good guys" left. We've been away for so long, we didn't even show up to honor the man who gave us a start, a man who you were from the beginning


Recon: I have a mission that I promised would get done.


Gaines: The question is Recon what mission is that you really want to accomplish? Something that pulls you away from your friends and family, or something that brings you home. Its your call


**Gaines hugs Recon and wishes him well as the camera shoots Gaines walking away. Just then the camera turns around again to see Recon gone and the ramp of the ship being pulled away as the vessel begins to head out to see**

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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