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Stacy Clark

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"After several hours has passed since the controversial ending to the 4-9-10 edition of Riot the investigation has come to an end. No evidence has been fount to believe there was foul play. OCW officials hasn't released any comments regarding the ending and only one can think that this may just go down as a 'error' made by the tech staff backstage as the live feed on t.v showed the main event being a blast from the past match while everyone in viewing audience saw the real main event."


"Due to the graphic nature of this video and what happened during the main event has caused OCW officials to make the video available only for download at the following link below."




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yeah i agree it wasn't that graphic....but still im glad to see everyone putting in efforts. would have prefered maybe quick beatdowns instead of wars,seemed like everyone had to get their lick in, and fausto reversed like 3 finishers/sigs haha but i mean thats just me. Nonetheless i appreciate the work put in ME can't wait for lution matches.


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