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More from The Administrators?

Stacy Clark

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After assaulting and then firing Harold Garland almost two weeks ago on Riot, Charles Morgan and Richard Clarke (aka: The Administrators) were seen in New York City this week, at OCW Headquarters. Rumours are spreading that the Financial duo plan to release another member of OCW's dedicated staff this week, once again on live television.


When asked to comment on the situation, following their most recent board meeting. Richard Clarke spoke on behalf of money saving team.


First off, our actions last week were justified, Mr. Garland was wasting the company's money for the past three years, the expenditure was far over the limit we asked him to keep under for Wrestlution V. Now the man can plan to sue the company all he likes, but he was under contract during the official match which took place, therefore, the whole process was legal.


When asked about plans to fire another staff member this week, his response wasn't very positive.


Charles and I will be at this weeks taping of Riot, and we will be speaking with another member of OCW staff, regarding his future with the company. That's all I can reveal at this time, thank you.


Sources close to the company are claiming that Charles and Richard are going to call out OCW's leader of Foreign Affairs, Morris Shanks. This however is still unconfirmed. One thing is clear however, and that is that The Administrators are far from finished with Online Championship Wrestling. What are their plans this week?


Tune into Riot this Wednesday to find out!

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Fire someone I've heard of this time.



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