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Riot Card

Alex Robinson

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Was bored and felt like commenting on something... so yeah.


"What will Smythe have to say about Mayhem after last week?"
My guess will be, "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?"


"Alex looks to take measures into her own hands to stop Fausto and Versus"
A double handy? Didn't think Alex was a ski fan.


Judas wants a push? He gets it as he faces Aries in a non title match?
He wants a push, but he's going to need a priest..... I said he's going to need a priest... like the band... gawd I feel old.


Parker Stevens returns to action this week as he goes against Dane Xavier. Parker not been seen since his hell in a cell match. Can Dane deal with Parker or will park just be too much?
I want to see this match, but if Parker is possibly too much for Xavier... what chance does my computer have?


Charles Morgan has been impressive the last couple of weeks. Lets see if Richard Clarke can do the same as he goes against Nathan Gaines.

This is eerily similar to a real-life feud...


http://www.foxnews.com/images/234591/1_61_102506_dick_clark.jpg vs. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_VizIrBQwA8w/R46sWyWraJI/AAAAAAAAA6M/b1eHk0Izxc4/s400/geicogecco.JPG

The host from Mt. Vernon faces the lizard from... actually, we're not sure what nationality he is.

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