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The Mysterious Lecarius Saviour Promo 1

Lecarius Saviour

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The lights in the Ambition Arena suddenly become bright and intense blinding everyone present. In the back, the crew tries to figure out what the problem is, but there is nothing wrong. There are those in the crowd who remain in there seats, waiting for what is to come and there are those who begin leave. The ones who are unable stand the light any longer.


Then there is a voice and the lights begin to fade, seemingly at it's behest. Now able to see, all focus is on the mysterious man in the center of the ring. He just stands there unmoving in his black and white attire. The camera pans the crowd. They are all unmoving and silent, just as the mystery man is. It's hard to believe that only moments ago, they were alive with their cheers and boos.


The camera then zooms in on the mans face. His features are hard, yet they are soft. He has cold and calculating gray eyes, but they are not devoid of emotion. They tell of pain and sorrow and a loneliness one couldn't begin to imagine. They tell of a man who has nothing left to lose. Of a man who longs to once again join the people he feels has abandoned him. But the features that grab one's attention the most is his white hair and the scar over his left eye. He looks no older than 30, but he has snow white hair and he looks sorta battle torn.


The man turns and points to the titantron where a name is being spelled out





Without notice, the lights once again blind everyone and when they dim a moment later, the man now known as Lecarius Saviour was gone.

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Bryan Faggot




Oh hey just being more awesome than Bryan will ever be.


Haters Gonna Hate

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