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The Drifter

Justin Rockstar

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The scene opens in a hotel room somewhere on earth. There is a haze in the air as the camera pans across the hotel room to show half-naked women passed out in chairs and on the bed, and the hotel room has been completely destroyed. The camera continues to pan and we get to a shirtless man sitting at a table, he is dragging his nose across it and snorting... something. He looks up at the mirror in front of him, it is Justin Rockstar. He stares into his own reflection with a far away look in his eyes.


Justin Rockstar: You see what you've done to me OCW? You've turned me into a monster.


Justin Rockstar: I tried to stay away, I tried to stay clean... but it's the only thing that makes me feel alive.


Justin Rockstar: All the rehab in the world couldn't possibly stop me from being who I've been turned into... but don't think I'm ungrateful for what you've turned me into OCW... because I love it.


The Rockstar looks back at all the women passed out in the room. He wipes his nose before turning back to look into his reflection.


Justin Rockstar: These whores behind me and Chris Mania have a lot in common, they just can't last like I do, they can't party as hard as I do, and that's what led to the demise of Far Beyond Metal.


Rockstar snorts another line of white something off the table.


Justin Rockstar: But to hell with Chris Mania, he was a mediocre shredder anyways. All he did was keep me back, which was why I was demoted to Ambition and given the ultimatum that the next time I lose, I'm out of OCW.


Justin Rockstar: But thanks to my new business partner and the two weeks OCW was on a hiatus, I've managed to find my way back to the main roster with no ultimatum.


Justin grabs a bottle of jack off the table and slowly turns around to look at the camera.


Justin Rockstar: So the only question that should be on your mind is... what will The Rockstar do next?


Justin takes a swig of the Jack as one of the half-naked women with black hair and a coke-bottle shaped body staggers over to Justin and begins to make out with him and take the bottle from his hand. She takes a swig of it before going back her lip lock with the rocker. The scene fades.

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