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  1. ‘Austin walk up cuttering GREAT VALUE Parker’ What does that even mean? :D
  2. Same here man, after Lution I'm done with all the caws...cant keep playing this broken nightmare.
  3. I just wanna give a big shout out to all the people that stick with this lag infested,flawed ,shit hole, enjoyment sucking black hole of a game. The struggle to stay motivated with such a clunky end product is real.
  4. Love fighting Pugh as always. This is how our last 1747659649283 matches have gone.... He starts off with a few strikes, I beat the piss outta him for 11-13 minutes, he comes back, I stop the comeback, he uses resil to kick out of my finisher, we exchange a little, then he reverses my finisher, hits me with one and I miss the kickout by about 1 mil. It's text book...and every one is damn entertaining to watch and play.
  5. Fair play to LigerTRASH.....he played well and I played bad, beat my ass. /tipshat I need to DM more...I'll get you next time gadget!!!
  6. I'm also 99% sure they get to their feet before I attack them, which is 100% legal, so I'd like someone to show me an example of me 'Parkering'. DM's for sure, I've done it to jay before , but he deserved it most of the time, he rolls out the ring to avoid the elbow drop :p so his punishment is getting fucked up when he rolls back in.
  7. I also can’t take this kid seriously with that fucking sig...Pugh has no fans.
  8. We need a dif version then, maybe with a new name :D as it's the only title that gives us different match types and keeps things fresh. I'll always have a soft spot for this division.
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