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The LOTUS Manifesto: A Brief Explaination of LOTUS LAW


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It has come to the attention of the members of LOTUS that the wrestlers, staff, and management of Online Championship Wrestling are having difficulty understanding the ideas and theoretical power structure suggested by LOTUS. To clear up misunderstandings, this LOTUS Manifesto has been constructed. The following document was written by the founder of LOTUS, “Devil” MATSUDA, and has been translated from its original Japanese by his translator, Illuminati.


Most people do not consider the problem of organization: it is not a person, nor a family, but a detached bureaucratic thing by which a few must rule over others they have not met. It does not consider the finer points of individual cases, but creates rigid abstract rules which inevitably come into conflict. For this reason, most organizations spend their time in internal conflict over interpretation of rules, and inevitably oppress their citizens by forcing them to obey detailed regulations which fit an "average" citizen, yet apply to no actually living human being.


We who are in LOTUS agree that civilization should exist, but believes that government is a parasite not necessary for civilization--and is in direct opposition to the evolution of mankind. Organizations and governments for that matter both oppress the citizens and take from them the responsibility of making society work. Instead of taking it into their own hands, citizens are trained to sit back and call some distant acronymous agency to help them out. By this method, we domesticate ourselves and make even the best among us weak and passive. Even worse, we hand power to the bureaucrats, who are by definition people who could not succeed in actual work, and therefore take paper-pushing jobs so they have power over others. Working for this flawed company called OCW serves only to hold us back as human beings, committing to the will of a “higher power” which determines what level of competition we are to compete in.


Case in point: the Ambition experiment. While wrestlers on Riot sat fat and happy with their position on the dominant brand, we who were rookies were forced to battle for supremacy in a hypothetical primordial stew--the original state of war where for the entertainment of those above us we fought to survive. In a world where one could either sink or swim, those who were worthy rose to the top while those who could not keep up would sink and die. Ambition at its very core is based around the idea of survival of the fittest--an idea that many of those on the Riot roster had long since forgotten.


Ambition was good, and the best thing that could ever happen to this federation, as it spawned the men that would force this idea upon the rest of the company.


The average person considers anarchy a state without order, but when looked at practically, it can be seen as a different kind of order. Centralized authority requires we all obey a single authority, but anarchy requires decentralized governments in which we are each our own authorities, and responsible to each other to collaborate and maintain what is needed for civilization. While in one case, an old Hispanic man determines the fate of the masses, we call for a world where the strongest and most brutal hold the power in society. In centralized government, you have to convince a bureaucrat or jury that what you are doing is correct, but in decentralized government, you must maintain cooperation with your fellow citizens by showing them constantly that you are doing what is right. Centralized government is like watching television: you sit back and relax and pay attention to the show, but you are not actually part of it, and until it gets so bad you change the channel, you put up with its mediocrities. We at LOTUS want to get you all involved in the chaos and test yourself in this new world order where only the strong can survive.


The moral construct of "good" and "evil" by which society lives is a materialist notion: it is designed to protect life and property, and does not consider the intent behind or results from an action, for example the necessity of driving away destructive people or confiscating property used to pollute rivers, as in the case of a dirty factory. Morality says simply yes or no depending on whether someone dies, or had their "rights" violated, or their property was taken away. Only secondarily do moral societies pass judgment over life and property, but by the very nature of morality, they are unwilling to do so on a large enough scale to have an impact. The death penalty is futile because a murderer stands good odds of beating it, and fining large corporations for their pollution is pointless because they will almost never pay anything commensurate to the actual damage done. Morality protects life and property, including of those who by virtue of possessing both will do untold damage to the citizens, the environment, and the public goodwill.


LOTUS morality is simple: do what you will. Those who are of like minds will congregate and form their own allegiances without formalizing them and thus detaching themselves from the task of building trust, and those who act in conflict with others will eventually find their will driven away or terminated by those who have a different agenda. This means that local communities will form according to the shared values of the individual wills involved; some communities will be dedicated to crime and drug use, and other communities will be intolerant of such choices and will defend against them. You cannot make enough rules to identify every destructive act, and those acts will differ from community to community--so why bother? LOTUS is a community that exists as an alliance of like minded individuals who work to exact this change.


We do not exist to acquire titles--they are only a means to gain the platform on which we can promote our message. We must work within your system in order to force our own. You are all witnesses to the beginning of a new era in Online Championship Wrestling, and this is evident in the sides you are choosing. Know that you are either for LOTUS and all we stand for or you are against us. And know that if you are against LOTUS you will die. By now everyone should understand their two choices:



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That was not brief.
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So basically you just wrote numerous paragraphs, using excellent vocabulary and grammer, just so you have a reason to twack people with kendo sticks?


Chaos is not an order in which El Fuego abides by.

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So basically you just wrote numerous paragraphs, using excellent vocabulary and grammer, just so you have a reason to twack people with kendo sticks?



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